The Phantom’s Lair

No light. ( save for the sparse candles rising from the water) No sound. And absolutely no life. Yet, amongst the mist, you could see a figure sitting an old piano. One thing was for certain: this was a creepy abandoned lair.

But the piano, oh, the piano, was the most disturbing item in the cave. Something about its ebony and ivory keys chilled me to the very core. It was as if there was a story behind the origin of those keys. The mahogany structure was cracked and dusty. As I approached the lonesome piano, the figure became more and more prominent. Once I had gotten close enough to touch the decaying piano, the aura around it seemed to spring to life as the figure with a mask started pounding on the piano, producing a tune that seemed to put me in a trance. The surroundings looked as if it were swaying like a pendulum while the figure at the now beautiful instrument looked as if it were alive as well! He went form transparent to a tactile “human being”. My vision began to blur as the Music of the Night invaded my ears and danced in my skull, tickling my brain. In a matter of seconds, I blacked out, but I didn’t go unconscious. Instead, I stayed in a state of bliss, listening to the Music of the Night lull me.

When I awoke again, I was lying on the floor of my room in front of my mirror, with little memory of the lair I was in moments before. But in the back of my head I could remember the song I was listening to. The Music of the Night.

Expository: Masks

From fancy to rural, religious to recreational, masks are very diverse items. They could be scary or regal, big or small. But, no matter what they’re trying to portray, masks can work in many different ways!

The most commonly known use of masks, in my opinion, is the Halloween mask. These masks fall under the scary category, but can honestly be more cutesy than cutsy more times than not. The Halloween masks can range from gory werewolves and skeletons, to flashy, glittery princesses and fairies.~ Story time!! ~ Once, while I was wondering down the streets of my old neighborhood on Halloween night, just minding my own business, a big, scary, (Well, scary for a 3 year old…) man with a nightmare-creating mask of Freddy Krueger on jumped in front of me! At the time, I was basically afraid of anything that moved in a peculiar way, so when the man jumped in front of me, I went absolutely mental, screaming like a little girl. Luckily, my sister was near by, grabbing candy from the closest house, and ran to my side, shooing the rude man away and hugging me uncomfortably tightly. Then, to my surprise, my sister ran to the man and started yelling at him about not scaring kids and how it was so rude to do what he had just done while I was just sitting down on the ground, producing a mixture of giggling and crying. Let’s just say, that man will probably never scare any kids ever again!

Masks don’t have to be physical though. They can be figurative as well! Say your friend has a great big smile on his face and is one of the nicest guys you know. Well, that could all be a facade! He could be really sad on the inside and just put on that mask to not make to much of a big deal about it. On the inside, he may be sad, but on the outside, he won’t be anything but smiles and compliments. It’s very sad but true. All he needs is a hug and a little help to take off that mask and show his real self. Um, okay this getting a bit depressing, but hopefully you understand what I’m talking about…

Life can be full of masks, whether they be physical or figurative. They can be used in many different ways, but it’s up to you to know which way they’re being used and if they’re real or mental. Next time you see a Halloween mask in the store, think about this post and all the many ways make can be used.

Expository: Trees.

A towering creature sways from side to side, showering sunlight around me while I get tangled into a great book. If this scene intrigues you, then you must love trees as much as I do.

But the reason I love trees so much is they’re such a great place to escape from the worries of school, work, or even families. Ever feeling stressed? Just grab a lawn chair, (or if you’re brave enough, sit on the dirt!) plop it under the shade of the leaves, and just hang! Just sit there and do absolutely nothing. Let all the stress from your day just melt away and relax!

Really, without trees I would most definitely explode from all that built up stress! And, if you want, you could join in and sit next to me under the shade and leaves and enjoy the silence.

Volcanic SunriseCreative Commons License Steve Jurvetson via Compfight

How To: Sleep.

Help me! I think I have insomnia!

Ok, so lately I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping this past week. I’ll just lay in bed thinking about crazy, stupid scenarios that will never happen or just stay on my phone as the seconds, minuets, hours eventually pass me by until it’s 1:00 am and I am trying to force myself to sleep. I close my eyes and think, “Blank! Nothing! Go to sleep, you numbskull!” And eventually, I will drift off to the sandman’s dream land and dream of something even crazier than my crazy night adventures.

I think this has to do with my laziness, though, because I usually leave all of my homework to the late hours of 8:00 pm and don’t end till 10:00 pm, so I guess my mind is just still running with all the information, just singing and dancing away in my head until I pretty much resort to laying there thinking about my life after college and what I’m gonna do with my career and how I’m going to make a living and… But then it gets all hazy and deep.

Though, I also feel as if this post is just another byproduct of my restless mind at night, and when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I might regret this… Now before I end up getting to deep, I should probably veer off into another subject. Who knows, maybe you guys like this kind of post, where I just list my thoughts into paper without caring to check my run-on sentences. But, maybe this is new and confusing to whomever is reading and they/you plainly don’t like this new form of writing that I have suddenly adopted without warning.

But wait, weren’t we talking about my sleeping problem?