The Phantom’s Lair

No light. ( save for the sparse candles rising from the water) No sound. And absolutely no life. Yet, amongst the mist, you could see a figure sitting an old piano. One thing was for certain: this was a creepy abandoned lair.

But the piano, oh, the piano, was the most disturbing item in the cave. Something about its ebony and ivory keys chilled me to the very core. It was as if there was a story behind the origin of those keys. The mahogany structure was cracked and dusty. As I approached the lonesome piano, the figure became more and more prominent. Once I had gotten close enough to touch the decaying piano, the aura around it seemed to spring to life as the figure with a mask started pounding on the piano, producing a tune that seemed to put me in a trance. The surroundings looked as if it were swaying like a pendulum while the figure at the now beautiful instrument looked as if it were alive as well! He went form transparent to a tactile “human being”. My vision began to blur as the Music of the Night invaded my ears and danced in my skull, tickling my brain. In a matter of seconds, I blacked out, but I didn’t go unconscious. Instead, I stayed in a state of bliss, listening to the Music of the Night lull me.

When I awoke again, I was lying on the floor of my room in front of my mirror, with little memory of the lair I was in moments before. But in the back of my head I could remember the song I was listening to. The Music of the Night.

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