7th Grade Overview

Ever since the beginning of this year, I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions. From sad to ecstatic to terrified to just plain old neutral. But one word captures the main feeling I’ve experienced in 7th grade: confused.

“Click! Click! Clop!” The footsteps are whirling around me. “Clack! Click! Click!” The hallways are always a confusing frenzy during passing periods. But that’s not the only thing confusing! The iPads, the quizzes and tests, and sometimes even the homework is baffling! But none of that is nearly as confusing as it was during the beginning of the year. Then, I was a complete mess! Papers flying everywhere, lost schedules here and there, the whole experience was just a dazed swirl of homework and school supplies! But in the end, with the help of a few amazing teachers, I got on track and am still going strong today.

7th grade can be a very scary time, but if you just reach out to someone , I guarantee you’ll be on your way in no time. Oh, and a quick word of advice. NEVER be absent! That’s a whole other world!

Mess - 2011.4.19 (64/365)Creative Commons License Mariko via Compfight

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