I LOVE AQUAMAAANNNNN!!!! Oh my gosh for the first in history, it seems that Aquaman finally get the recognition he deserves!

Anyway, it is soooo cool amazing that science has come so far that now we can have a whole entire room full of air in to a super tini tiny little purplish crystal!! Wonder how they got it in there….

Well, this opens soo many new doors for all the water enthusist and divers because now you don’t have to lug all those super big and heavy gas tanks that takes up all the space that could be used for these tiny crystals! It kinda reminds me of those pop rocks that fizzles in your mouth! Oooh, maybe you could make the crystals FLAVORED! That would be real science, there! Tell me what you think these awesome rocks remind you of in the comments below.

Sorry for the small post, it’s just I saw these and thought there were amazing and had to post about them! Well, BYE!!!!!