How To: Sleep.

Help me! I think I have insomnia!

Ok, so lately I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping this past week. I’ll just lay in bed thinking about crazy, stupid scenarios that will never happen or just stay on my phone as the seconds, minuets, hours eventually pass me by until it’s 1:00 am and I am trying to force myself to sleep. I close my eyes and think, “Blank! Nothing! Go to sleep, you numbskull!” And eventually, I will drift off to the sandman’s dream land and dream of something even crazier than my crazy night adventures.

I think this has to do with my laziness, though, because I usually leave all of my homework to the late hours of 8:00 pm and don’t end till 10:00 pm, so I guess my mind is just still running with all the information, just singing and dancing away in my head until I pretty much resort to laying there thinking about my life after college and what I’m gonna do with my career and how I’m going to make a living and… But then it gets all hazy and deep.

Though, I also feel as if this post is just another byproduct of my restless mind at night, and when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I might regret this… Now before I end up getting to deep, I should probably veer off into another subject. Who knows, maybe you guys like this kind of post, where I just list my thoughts into paper without caring to check my run-on sentences. But, maybe this is new and confusing to whomever is reading and they/you plainly don’t like this new form of writing that I have suddenly adopted without warning.

But wait, weren’t we talking about my sleeping problem?