So, half of you are gonna be like, “PLEASE, No More Video Game News!!!!!!” but I’m sorry, I’ve got big news…. The new Super Smash Bros.™ came out over the weekend, and I am SO happy!!!!!! Literally, I was jumping up and down in Best Buy because I was so excited the game was finally in my hands!!!

So here is a basic rundown of most of the features this game includes, for those who actually care: There are LOTS of new characters including Wii Fit Trainer and, get this, the Dog from Duck Hunt! (that pesky, laughing dog…) There’s a new smash mode called “8-Player Smash!” which, as you guessed it, allows you to have up to 8 players settling it in smash! Haha, I know, I’m hilarious. You can know make and customize your own players in “Character Customization”! You can even make characters from already made Miis! Although the classic mode is a LOT different from last game’s, it’s still amazingly addictive and fun.

Now, these are only 3 out of many, many things new in the new SSB4, and I encourage you  to go out and find the rest. If you find anything you like, post it in the comments below! Bye! 😉