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My Summer 2018!!!

Summer. One of the best seasons. You have three whole months with no school and homework. Then school rolls around and you’re left counting down the days until summer.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I had one of the best summers ever! I went to Costa Rica for my summer break and it was so fun! I got to see so many cool animals and do so many fun activities.

   One of the super fun activities I did was ziplining. We got to go on six or seven different sized ziplines each one longer and faster than the other one. It was soooooooo fun and everyone was so nice!

   Making Costa Rican chocolate was so cool! We got to break open the cacao and and grind it. My favorite part was at the end when we got to add different food (sugar, nuts, sprinkles etc.) into the chocolate we made. It was amazing and I loved it!

   Horseback riding was amazing! We got to go through a long outstretched dusty trail and at the end we crossed the river. When we crossed it, the river water was flowing and so so beautiful. I loved it from start to end!

Their food was possibly the best tasting food I have ever tried. Oh my gosh, it was heavenly. So many flavors and it was just so wonderful. I loved it!

   Last, one of my favorite parts of my trip was the beach. The sand and beautiful ocean waves were so pretty. The beach wasn’t even crowded at all. There were pretty shells and pieces of coral scattered among the beach. Oh it was so pretty and nice.

Overall, I loved every single bit of Costa Rica and can’t wait to go back to the beautiful oceans and fun activities they had there.

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