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Keeper of the Lost Cities Book Review

Keeper of the Lost Cities
By Shannon Messenger

The book takes place in a place called the Lost Cities. There, she lives in her home called Havenfield. It’s an animal rescue where her adoptive parents try to get the animals to be vegetarian and adapt to the sanctuary they later are moved to.
Sophie Foster is like any normal 12 year old girl, except she is a telepath and she skipped about 6 grades. One day this mysterious boy named Fitz shows up at her class field trip. He tells Sophie that she’s an elf and he’s one too. The next day he shows up and takes her to the Lost Cities. Sophie has to leave her family to live where she belongs. Soon after she leaves, a couple named Grady and Edaline adopt her. Between moving into the Lost Cities, going to an elf school, finding out who she really is and have a group called the Black Swan constantly giving her notes and clues for what to do, Sophie struggles adjusting to her new life. Also, there are secrets that are hidden in her memory. As she tries to uncover them, the truth could be dangerous.

I liked that the book was super suspenseful and it made you want to always keep reading what was going to happen next. My favorite character is definitely Keefe. I like how he makes the book sooo funny and interesting. Even though I like Keefe the best, I think that all of the characters are so thought-out and creative. Also, the plot and conflict are both sooo amazing! They make the story interesting and so amazing! The setting is so cool too. It’s described so well and vividly! It makes me want to go there so much!
I also love this book soooo much because I love the characters, setting, and the emotion packed story and the author did sooooo well writing the story! Thank you sooo much for reading my post! It means so much! Also, if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my blog! Thanks!

This video is very informational. It tells you a lot about the the main character. It also helps you understand the conflict of the story better.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Series

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