A New Path

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Leaving his house, Edwyn had a new road to follow. After he learned his true heritage he was concent on going back to his birthplace. He had stolen a map on his way out of the Empire,and for the first time he saw the name of the land of which he lived in; Nûrmen. He then found rations to last him a few weeks. Of course he also brought money, and quite a lot of it. He had more than 200 gold coins in his pack! He got those coins as rewards in the arena.

To the North was the Thorn, a large forest that took up most of the land. To the East was Helgrind, the breeding grounds for all of the dangers in Nûrmen. To the South was Brethun, the largest fortress of the Empire. And to the West was… well nothing, all of the land to the west wasn’t on the map. Confused, Edwyn concluded,” Might as well go West and see what comes there, I can always add to the map with the skills that Garret thought me.”

As he said Garret, he welled up in tears. Determined not to let his spirit fall he blinked away the tears and trudged on.


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As the sun broke the horizon, and the birds started to sing. Edwyn was  preparing for his new life.

Garret was sitting solemnly in the dining room collecting his thoughts. When Edwyn went up to him, he realized that Garret was crying! Garret looked up and said,”My boy.*sniff* It is time to tell you how I found you and raised you.”

For the next hour, Garret was explaining to Edwyn where he came from and how he found him. At the end all Edwyn could do was stare at the ground. When he finally found words to express his emotion he said,” Why? Why did you kill all those innocent people! You are DISGRACEFUL! YOU KILLED MY ACTUAL FAMILY!”

Sobbing now, Garret replied in a hoarse voice,”I did only what The Empire taught me to do!”

Realization flowed over Edwyn, The Empire is really the enemy. Garret has been lying to me my whole life! 

With renewed thought, Edwyn went back to his room to pack his bags, for he had a new journey.



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-15 years later-

The familiar ring of the sparring arena filled Edwyn’s ear as he approached his favorite place. When he walked into the arena the sparring stopped and everyone was waiting for him to choose a sparring partner. On his first time in the arena after years of training with his father Garret he single handedly beat his first mentor on his first try. Since then he has been climbing the ranks with unnatural succession. Edwyn is the youngest swordsman to be accepted into The Empire’s academy at 15 years of age.

After some consideration, Edwyn choose his rival; Ben to be his sparring partner. He was the only one to stand strong with Edwyn for more than 30 seconds. Even though it is not secret to Edwyn that he is a prodigy, he takes his skill humbly and modestly. He does not outwardly show his pride.

Taking their stance, Edwyn and Ben begin their clash. The first strike came as a thunder clap, radiating immense power. With inhuman speed they both traded blows, wielding the blade as an extention of their arm not a weapon. From the ring of spectators the fight looked like a whirlwind of steel, stopping when they hit. Ben got risky and stabbed at Edwyn’s sword hand, but the sword never made it. After the attempted stab, the ring of metal against metal rang one last time as Ben’s sword droped to the ground with Edwyn holding his sword up to Ben’s throat.

*Sigh* “Once again you strike me down with little to no effort.” said Ben.

“Skill will come with more practice. You did manage to hit me a few times though. You will always be a formidable foe.” replied Edwyn.

Barging through the doorway, Garret rushed toward Edwyn and shouted, ” The Empire has spoken! As of today you are known as Edwyn Sword Master! You are finally part of the Army!”

Overjoyed , Edwyn went to all of his sparring partners and mentors and thanked them for all of their help to get him this far. Everyone knows what skill you need to get to the army. 1/1000 soldiers get accepted into the army.

Later that night Edwyn and all of the people associated with the arena joined him at his house for a celebratory dinner. Songs, music, laughter sounded throughout the house for the rest of the night. Delicious food filled the tables and gorged everyone’s voracious appetite.

When the night faded, Edwyn stayed up pondering on one thought.

Will I survive?


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Walking through the seemingly everlasting down cast, an army of men with a strange crest on their armor stormed into the village of Udûn. A soldier bigger than the rest lead the armada.

He bellowed, ” Join The Empire, join Murtagh or suffer the consequences!”

No body moved. The clouds gathered above the lonely village casting it into darkness. The villagers  shifted nervously as the captain– it seems– walked toward them. Still no one moved, and still the clouds grew ever so menacing.

The captain grunted in disapproval and mumbled, ” Well I guess that this town is a waste.”

He gave a signal to another soldier and he shouted to the back of the army. In the distance the hypnotic sound of arrows flying through the air like drops of death. The arrows struck and the storm began.

The only living thing left was a crying baby. He was the only survivor of that town. When the Captian found him he thought, ” We can raise this one to be a loyal warrior to The Empire.” He then said,” I’ll call you Edwyn.”


My NJHS Application Essay

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I can be a contributing member by giving ideas to NJHS committee for activities that will have an impact for most students. I can also maintain enthusiasm needed to plan & execute programs NJHS group decides to undertake.

My first idea for NJHS would be to help kids that don’t have the opportunity to be involved in athletic activities such as soccer and football. WRMS could donate sports equipment for schools that don’t have enough funds to run those programs. We could organize fundraisers to allow kids to drop off unused sports equipment for this cause.

Another ideaI have is to reward a grade that is best behaved in class. It will encourage all students to help each other to get the class prize. This will help WRMS teachers to focus on teaching curriculums than to worry about student’s misbehavior. The grade level with most points will win a chance to watch a movie during Wildcat time.

I am hoping the ideas portrayed above will help NJHS to make a difference around us. I will also be just as enthusiastic about other’s ideas. I would be honored if I get accepted into NJHS.


Void #7

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Exiting my car, I knew something horrid has come about this wretched city. There was no trace of life. Shuriken was having the same reaction to the darkness. Calling upon my light I summoned a light disc that illuminated the surroundings.

As I trek through the darkness so thick that it is almost solid, the first obstacle apears: a regular human. This guy was beaten and torn apart. Knowing what I had to do, I sprinted to the mans side. His wounds were even worse up close: he had gashes the size of my whole arm, bruises that lay across his face, dark purple scars all over. This guy had to have gone through the deepest reaches of hell to get those wounds.

Staring at me withhopefull, sorrowful, hurt eyes the man pleaded for help”Please you have to help me, they are chasing me, they are going to kill me!!” Struck with guilt, for I didn’t know how to heal him. I replied ” why are you so beat up?”
Annoyed, he replied ” There is no time for that just take me to safety.
Shuriken then said “Trust him I sense that he has some purity in him.”
“But I don’t know how to help him” I replied.
“Call to your ring”  He replied. 
“Ok” I responded.

The ring filled me with power.

” I know what I need to do.” I said

Calling to my power I filled the man with light energy to the point where he was glowing. After the light settled the man said.

“How should I repay you…”
“It’s Dante, my name’s Dante” I said.



My Life’s Blueprint

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Now that I have committed to different hobbies, I am starting to uncover what my life’s blueprint is.

In the next few months I will be going to tryouts for the West Ridge Middle School soccer team. I have always had an interest in soccer ever since I went to my older sister’s games back when I was 3. The sport is what I do most of the time on a day is it is not raining.

After Middle School, I will hopefully be successful in academics and in West Lake High School Soccer. I have a lot of friends in 9-12th grade, and they all show the same compassion for soccer as I do. Often they give me advise about what I should be practicing to get better.

Going into college, I will be looking for a good college with a good soccer program, and a good academic program. I am still not sure which college gives both good traits. My both sisters went to Baylor University, but  even though it has a good academic program, it doesn’t have soccer for men.

My life’s blueprint isn’t definite, but it is what I would like to do when I grow up.

Void #6

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After the unexpected hatching of Shuriken, my life has taken a giant turn. Now instead of having to worry about only me eating I have to worry about Shuriken too. Surprisingly all the time I have spent with Shuriken I have learned a lot of spells and enchantments.

The ring seems to have a mind inside of it, teaching me how to use this new found power. I have learned how to levitate small objects and propel them at high speeds to a target with 100% accuracy. The knowledge that I get from the ring gives hints at how to control a dragon while in flight, so when Shuriken is old enough to lift my weight I will have that to look forward to. Still with my main goal, I travel on back to Austin so that I can go forth to Dallas. Hopefully that beast that I had told to free the light there will have done it by now.

Now arriving in Austin everything seems normal, everything seems in place and God forbid there is anymore shadow beasts. Shuriken isn’t big enough yet to carry his weight and mine, so he either stays in the back of the car or he flies close by.

After stopping by in Austin,  I am on the road again to Dallas. It is comforting having someone I can talk to withought using my words, turns out that havin Shuriken around won’t be that hard to bear. He has grown a foot in a week, and  by the time we are done with Dallas he should be able to transport me and hopefully breath fire.

Drawing near Dallas, my mind is blown. The bright city that it once was is now in a vortex of dead black night.



Void #5

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Walking through the streets of San Antonio clearing every last essence of darkness, but soon I found myself looking at a black structure. I advanced toward it and a immense surge of power came over me, and it beckoned me toward the gates. I was already feeling more powerful, but it was nothing like what I felt when I opened the gates. The surges of power became huge tidal waves of immense power and strength.

As I was walking through the darkness, and the despair. I found myself in a vast room holding 2 things; a dark purple ring with a dragons face on it, and an egg, a giant black egg with silver laced into it. I reached out to great the ring and the egg, but just as my hand reached the ring a blinding flash illuminated the area, and when the light faded everything that was dark is now light. Again I reach for the egg, but this time it shaked when my hand was near, it shaked again when I drew within hair distance. Preparing myself for an explosion I placed a hand on the egg. Nothing happened at the time,but soon after I touched the egg, it burst into an inferno of gold flames and fierce exhilaration. What came of the egg was a dragon. The dragon had a white body with gold curved talons and a gold plated tail and underbelly. This was truly a masterpiece of war.

The ring was a perfect fit to my index finger, and when I released my hold on it when it was on my finger, my mind felt like a book having its pages flipped constantly, over, and over again. The ring was like a rural that taught me what it takes to raise this dragon. It also taught me  a new way to use my power. While calling to my energy, imagine a weapon of some sort, and once you have charged up your power release it and the weapon you incisioned will hurl through the air and hit your target, it will never miss.

Suddenly the dragon let out a deafening cry. I came to a conclusion that it must be hungry! What else! Being in an egg for who knows how long would sure make up an appetite. I tried coaxing the dragon towards the door, but that failed. New plan!  I reached out to the ring to see if it would give me any knowledge… FAIL! Finally I reached out and rubbed the dragon’s scales. Right when I made contact with the dragon a rush of firey, electric energy pulsed through my veins. It stung, it throbbed,it gave me pain. But through the pain I felt a ripple of something… Someone. I was genuinely confused. Why would something want to connect with my mind. Curious, I let go of the tension that I had, and to my surprise the feeling was somewhat the same as when I touched the dragon.

Then I asked (in my mind)”Are you the dragon in front of me?”

The conscience seemed to agree, and it also answered back;”Name?”

“Who’s name?” I asked.

“My Name.” the dragon replied.

“Are you a he or she?” I asked.

“He” he answered.

“Then how about Shuriken?” I offered.

The only reply I got was a warm, joyful feeling.


Void #4

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Since the darkness had left things were getting back together. The people were waking from their slumber, yeah it was good again.

Now that I have released the darkness I need to go to the next major city; San Antonio. I have been learning how to drive with my dad before this all happened, so I’ll go and get a car.

Almost there. I thought. The darkness was creeping closer and closer. Preparing myself for an ambush I readied my power. But nothing happened, I just drove right through. It was like a barren wasteland, no shadow beasts, no Warriors, no shadow. I kept driving to the city, I think that is where the Warrior would be. When I got there I was right, the city was over run by Shadow Warriors. Not regular Warriors, no, these were colossal beasts. They rose to 12 feet  and had no sign of weakness. They held no weapon, but with their size they might not need one. I crept toward the beast analyzing the battle field. I thought if I could stun them with my palm then I could run past them to get to the center of the city, so when I get there I will be able to fight them in a more controlled area. I gathered my strength and rose my hand and I released the energy in one bright burst.  Then I charged toward the center of the city, but just as I was half way there an arm bashed me in the head. I was kocked out.

When I awoke I was floating in a strange black world, there was no light no exit, and when I opened my eyes it felt darker than when they were closed.

“Welcome.” Called a deep voice.
“You have to be wondering where you are, well you are in my world.”

“Who are you!!” I shouted.

“I am what you fear with all you know.” The thing replied.

“Anything specific?” I asked trying to stall for time.

“I don’t have to tell you my life’s story. Now DIE!!!!” Roared the monster.

Just then something big hit me in the ribs taking the air from me, But I had no time to think when a sharp object cut deep into my thigh.

Gasping for breath the creature asked, “Are you going to put up any fight, I was told you have quite the Challange.

” I am just getting started” I replied.
” You haven’t seen anything yet”

Calling to the rest of my energy I summoned all the light I could.

When I released it in the spurt that it was I saw my aggressor. It was not much, it had not little body with two arms holding a hammer and a knife, wait that is a shadow beast!

“This should be easy” I thought.

I went for where the beast was and I grabbed the hammer it was holdin and took it from it with ease. With one less weapon it was helpless, for the knife it was holding was not worth fighting with.

Scared out of its wits if ran to an opening, I followed and when I got there I was in a familiar place. The AT&T stadium in San Antonio. Two basketball hoops were on each side, and two Warriors on each end line.

Now with my power back from the exhaustion I made a solid form of light and struck the ground making a type of lamp post. To my surprise the post was rumbling and shaking forming itself into a sword and a breastplate. Taking the new accessories I charge the Warrior on the right side of me and with one swift swing I obliterated the Warrior. With the other one on the half court line I threw my sword piercing its chest.

Light erupted from the last Warrior filling the stadium and going out to the city and releasing the light. When I went out of the stadium I found that the giant shadow beings were the basketball players for the San Antonio Spurs, of course they shrunk to their regular size and they were dazed, I called the backup I arranged for San Antonio and they took the players to the nearest hospital, and they also went to get the city back into shape. “Glowing” with triumph I was relieved that I had saved another city.

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