May 3

I, the “Esteemed” Book Critic, am Writing a Book Review

Today I’m going to review the book Eragon. It is the first book a series by the author Christopher Paolini.

The book follows the life of Eragon who starts out as a farmer. He finds a dragon egg, and the evil Empire immediately starts pursuing him for it. The Empire tries even harder to win him to their side or kill him when the dragon egg hatches. In doing this, they kill Eragon’s uncle which sends Eragon on a revenge mission joined by the story teller from his village with a mysterious background, and oh yeah—a dragon. Along the way Eragon has to decide who to side with and how to remain independent when so many sides want him under their control.

I thought that this book was really good because of how interesting the story was, how I liked the author’s writing style, and all of the sudden plot twists just when you think you’ve figured out exactly how the story is going to end. I was really confused and interested about how Saphira, the dragon who is much younger than Eragon, seems to know much more than him and overall make better choices him. I don’t understand how she can be so much smarter than him when she’s only  six months old! I really liked how intricate the languages of that word are, and I’m impressed by how much time the author must have spent on it.

In conclusion, I really liked the book Eragon. I would recommend this book to any hard core fantasy fan.


April 6

Sooooo… Time for some Melodramatic Writing

In my blog post, first attempt at poetry, I talked about how I wanted a well rounded blog. The problem is there’s this one type of writing I hate: melodramatic fiction. It’s not even that the genre itself is so bad—but when I write it, it’s terrible. I can’t even look at it without laughing at how silly it sounds. Yet for a well rounded blog, I must write it. So, possibly with no farther ado, I present to you the writing from my writer’s notebook.

The sun beat down, heavy and oppressive. “It hasn’t rained for years,” pondered Lettie deliriously, sitting on the cracked sandy ground, “Ever since we left it seems.” She looked up at the sky, startled by the sickly color that stretched on with nothing to stop it.

Caroline hurried over to her, checking her temperature. “Don’t worry—we’ll get help soon,” consoles Caroline, scared at Lettie’s burning forehead. They had driven here at Lettie’s demand. She had wanted to see this place once more even though Caroline insisted that it had changed.

Fires do have a tendancy to change things.

Regrettably, the car had broken down and now they were stranded here, far from any hint of civilization, in this harsh desert terrain. Caroline, talking this time to herself rather than Lettie, mumbles again, “We’ll get help soon.”

March 8

Why Blog Posts are so Hard to Write

It’s not a new scenario. Actually, it has been going on for a couple of months now—but that hasn’t helped. Writing blog posts are still really hard.

One of the main reasons blog posts are so hard is that we’ve been doing them so long. You might have a lot of good ideas when you start, but then after weeks after weeks after weeks… you run out of them. This happened to me once when I was trying to right a blog post and I had no ideas. So, naturally, I wrote about how blog posts are hard to write. (see title)

Another reason blog posts are terrible is the fact that you forget about them. This is a weekly assignment that you’re expected to know about, so it’s not mentioned often in class. Consequently, you forget about it—constantly putting it off until the next day. You look over at the board and the far away looking due date each day. Then the deadline arrives and you get a zero. Fun. Just one of the many reasons writing blog posts is such a joy.

In conclusion, blog posts are difficult to write. Yet, in need of one, you can always write about how hard they are. I did.


March 2

I Need Sugar…Preferably Now…

Recently when confronted with the omnipresent boredom, I have taken to buzzfeed. There you can find in the tasty section… SUGAR.

Every day in my free time I watch millions of videos on how to make different desserts. Really good desserts. Yum… Ok back to relevant info, these desserts range anywhere from cookies and cream créme brûlée to blueberry slab pie. All of these yummy things look delicious, so naturally, they infect me with a need for non virtual sugar!

While ransacking my pantry for sweets, I stumbled upon chocolate chips. Sadly, my mom walked into the kitchen just as I started eating them… I was close though! With the plan regrettably foiled, I have to choose what to do. I don’t learn from my mistakes and abandon the quest for sugar. Of course not. In accordance to my need for sweets I scream, “ONWARDS!” and continue the quest.

Next on my ill-fated mission for sugar, I hire an accomplice. I team up with my brother to try to make snow cones. With a mortar and pestle and smash up some ice, then I mix sugar, water and red food dye. I then add them to the ice. The result is… disgusting.

In conclusion, my quest for sugar resulted in failure. I will, of course, make more attempts later.

February 9

The Terrible Slime Band

The amazing substance has been a constant in our school for maybe  three whole weeks— an age long tradition! Slime has become essential to surviving middle school. Sadly, a recent decree from the terrible leaders of The Terrible Anti-Slime Committee (aka the staff) has banned the amazing substance.

Now that slime is gone, everyone finds themselves looking into the past for any shred of happiness. As I recount happier events, I touch on my own attempt to make this godly mixture. I had come home from school one day— mad. All around me at school I had seen the vibrantly colored concoction that was slime, but I hadn’t had any, and I hadn’t even known how to make any. I needed to fix this glaring error. Many failed attempts later, I had finally made slime. My mother didn’t appreciate it as much though… it might have had to do with the huge mess… The very next day I had taken my slime to school, and it was the best day ever! No more amazing days though, because of The Terrible Slime Band.

My story of previous joy is one of many. But now all of the stories are in the past. No more slime… The Terrible Slime Band made sure of that.


February 2

Jake, My New Puppy, is a Piranha

Recently I got a new puppy. He’s kind of a menace, and I thought I’d share an excerpt from my writer’s notebook about how I feel about him:


I lie down and close my eyes for a second. When I open them, a piranha puppy leaps at my face, jaw unhinged and going for the attack. I really dread piranha puppies.

Everyday something lurks right outside of my vision; a sharp-toothed ball of fluff. The reason I dread this menace is the fact that he eats human flesh. Just yesterday, my sister ran from the puppies lair- hands dripping blood- to the first aid kit. This two-month year old puppy had used my poor sister as a chew toy. As I watch my sister, worrying about her hand, I think about how the puppy has a history of flesh consumption; my nose, señor lamb chop, all humans who have the misfortune of running into the piranha. It’s really no wonder that I dread the puppy.

The puppy menace haunts us still. But luckily, he’ll grow up one day, and I’ll sleep safe at night without the threat of the piranha.

January 26

GT Night at the Opera

Every year- from my vast experience of two years- the GT kids at my school get to go to an opera! I’m really excited because last year I was out of town when it happened, so this will be my first time going.

This year we are seeing a opera called Daughter of the Regiment. It is a comedy in two acts about a girl named Marie. It’s called Daughter of the Regiment because she is the adoptive daughter of the whole regiment! I actually write this at three the day we’re going to see the opera! First, at four, school ends and everybody eats. Then, we all get on a bus to the theater. Finally, the opera starts!!! (Insert high pitched squeals of excitement)

Sadly, still an hour till school ends, and many more hours till the opera itself starts. I’m really excited!

January 13

Cockapoo Puppies!

My family is getting another dog! Currently, we think that we’re going to get a cockapoo puppy…

Cockapoos are the best because they are a mix of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. Due to this, they don’t shed, and are the cutest most energetic things EVER! This makes them very hard to find though. I had looked at so many breeder sites for cockapoo puppies and a lot of them had already sold all of them! Conveniently though, I eventually found the cutest puppy ever.

Another reason we wanted a cockapoo was because our current dog is also a dog, and we all love her a lot.

December 7


My grandmother has had a long legacy of chihuahua pets. Since the dinosaur age actually! Since about a year ago though, she has been without one. This wrong had to be fixed…

This is what brought my grandmother to Austin one recent day. My parents had been looking around at the local shelters for a cute chihuahua, with success! They had found an adorable chihuahua just yesterday at Austin Pets Alive, and Memaw, my grandmother, had come to see it. The chihuahua’s name was Bunny, yet when we came to  see her it turned out she had already been adopted, already!

Not quite despairing, we went to another location of Austin Pets Alive. Our hopes were raised when we saw the cutest little girl chihuahua. Our hopes were the crushed when she turned out to be really mean. Now desperate we went to the Austin Humane Society. After filling out a lot of paperwork we started looking in the back area with dogs.

Enter Bailey! We found the sweetest dog, only 7 lbs fully grown! My grandmother ended up adopting her, and the legacy of chihuahuas continues!

December 1


Hello my adoring nonexistent fans! In case you were wondering, I had a great Thanksgiving. Well, let me correct that; I had a great two Thanksgivings.

This is because I spend a Thanksgiving with each of my grandparents. So, flashback to Thanksgiving. I had driven to my mom’s grandparents house yesterday and had just gotten up Thanksgiving morning. I then spent the rest of the day until lunch preparing for… Thanksgiving lunch! (Sounds cooler than regular old lunch- sort of) My job was to make the deviled eggs. We had run out of lemon juice and mustard, and my grandmother never had white vinegar. Due to these events I had ended up having to use balsamic vinegar. On deviled eggs. They still turned out well, even with the weird twist!

We then ate a traditional Thanksgiving meal with a delicious turkey and ham (and the deviled eggs were especially good). The next day we had to leave though, to get to my dad’s grandparents house!

My other grandparents live on the Texas coast, so it was about a seven  hour drive my my North-Texas dwelling grandparent’s house. It was odd, because what we ate for Thanksgiving there was fried shrimp- a lot of it. It was really good!

I had great Thanksgivings at both places! I hope my adoring noexistent fans, that you had good Thanksgivings as well!