timlewisnm via Compfight CC0   I look down at my shaking legs and force them to stop with a big sigh. My stomach starts to twist: I feel sick, as if […]

Chris Martino via Compfight CC0 I could no longer smell the fresh California air; it was smothered by thick heavy smoke. I watched in fear as the flames flickered across the […]

 Matt Neale via Compfight CC0 Isolated,forgotten, the moon sits alone in the dark sky like a white dot on a black paper. Glowing with a mesmerizing light causing the wolves to […]

Robin Jaffray via Compfight CC0  I know it is not Christmas yet, but as the weather gets cooler I can’t help but get exited for my favorite season of the year. […]

One fun craft I love to do is folding origami. Youtube is a great place to find ideas and instructions this is how to make an origami rose.

vgm8383 via Compfight Take me back to summer sun and warm California beaches.


Problems in life are nothing more than opportunities. When a Problem starts you can either ignore it, blame someone for it, or solve it. Solving a problem can sometimes creates […]