May 9

Advice For the Sixth Grade Year

Advice For the Sixth Grade Year

In order to have a successful six grade year, you must follow this advice.

First you HAVE to be organized. You are about to enter the land of organization, if you are not organized, doom will await you. Stay organized and be on time to class. Make sure you know your schedule and have everything you need to go to class. After the first couple of weeks of school, teachers expect you to bring everything and don’t let you go back to your lockers for things you forget.

Second, you have to be efficient with your locker. Know your locker combination and keep it safe.. Believe it or not, not knowing your combination can ruin your whole day. Put your combination in a hidden place like a folder so that you are not late to class. If your locker becomes disorganized, you will not be able to find your assignments.

Third, make sure you do your assignments. Do your homework and keep assignments organized. Make sure you know when tests are coming up and study when needed. Getting behind on homework assignments can lower your grade and make your parents mad.

Fourth, be willing to venture out. Be sure to try new things, that the school provides for you. Sign up for new clubs and sports with your friends. It helps if they are there to try them with you.

Fifth, have a plan for lunch. Make plans to sit together with your friends at lunch before the lunch period. It’s really awkward when you have to sit by strangers and have nothing to say. Your lunch period is a great time to chat with your friends and just have a good time.

By: Rohan and Reece

April 14

My House

He loves Netflix said the old television

in the front room, on the cracked chest.

He loves food said the big pantry

in the kitchen, by the fridge.

He loves to sleep said the queen bed

in my room, by my dresser.

He loves to play said the football

in the garage, by the baseball.


By: Reece inspired by “Abandoned Farmhouse” by Ted Kooser

April 7

A Day at the Beach


A Day at the Beach


Pixabay CC0

By: Reece Jumonville


Waves crash

Sun shines

Sand warms your insides

Wind chills your inner core

Gulls continue to roar

This is life on the seashore


I am happy that I wrote this poem. It reminds me of the beach in Australia; the birds were loud that day. I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do!

March 31

Tourist Attractions

If you are adventures, daring, or just want to have a good time, you came to the right place. The United States of America is filled with the best tourist attractions. Three of the best attractions include Niagara Falls, Yellow Stone National Park and The Grand Canyon.

Niagara Falls is located between New York, the province of Ontario and Canada.  Around 30 million people visit Niagara Falls every year.  Niagara Falls was created by glacier activity about 10,000 years ago.  The Niagara Falls are made up of 3 waterfalls, the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls.  It is the most beautiful waterfall on earth and one of the seven wonders of the world.  It is a great spot for a family vacation.

Yellow Stone National Park is 3,468 miles squared and 96% of Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming, 3% is in Montana, and 1% is in Idaho.  There are more than 300 active geysers with Old Faithful being the most famous and it erupts every 91 minutes.  Yellowstone National Park has 50 mammal species, 311 bird species, 18 fish species, 6 reptile species, 4 amphibian species, and 5 endangered or threatened species.  It is an amazing place for a day trip or a family camping trip.

The Grand Canyon is found in Arizona.  Many people consider it to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world.  The Grand Canyon is 277 miles (446 kilometres) in length and its widest point stretches 18 miles (29 kilometres) across. The Grand Canyon is neither the widest, longest nor deepest canyon in the world, it is an extremely popular tourist destination with around 5 million visitors enjoying its beauty every year.  You can work with tour companies to hike into the Canyon and camp, take a helicopter tour of the canyon or just visit it for the day.  A must see for any tourist.

March 4

My Trip to Mexico

I don’t know how much a jet ski costs in Mexico, but I came pretty close to finding out.

I stayed in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. There are lots of activities to do. At the resort I stayed at, I played beach volley ball, swam in the pool, played ping pong, swam in the ocean and even saw a sea turtle lay eggs. However, there was one activity I kept my eye on all week, the jet skis. I wasn’t sure if I was old enough to drive them, but I had high hopes that I could. Lucky for me, I was just above the age limit. My dad showed me how to drive for about 5 minutes,then I took over as the driver and had a blast for the remainder of the hour.

Once our hour was about up, one of the employees flagged us down and gave us instructions on how to return to the beach safely. He said to position the jet ski between a set of two waves and keep a close eye on the employee on shore. He signaled me to speed up, so I gunned it. I underestimated the velocity of the jet ski and before I knew it I had jumped a wave and was 3 feet in the air with absolutely no water beneath my water craft. We held on tight and braced our selves for a hard landing on the sandy beach.

We expected maximum damage and a large bill to go with it. Thankfully they make the jet skis pretty tough in Mexico and there was no visible damage. We walked away hastily to the hotel and never looked back.

February 9

The Best Burger Restaurant Ever!

There are not many places that I would stand in line for. Especially places that have at least a 30 minute wait time. But there is one place that I would.

Hop Doddy burgers is my favorite burger restaurant. Although they have a pretty long wait time, it is definitely worth the wait. I like to get water for my drink and for my main meal I get a Caesar salad. I bet you thought I was healthy for a minute there. I actually get an Oreo milkshake and a burger with fries. I get cheese, lettuce, bacon and ketchup on my burger. Hop Doddy has the best burger buns I have ever tried. The patty is very succulent with lots of juicy flavor. When combined you get “HEAVEN”.

If you have never eaten Hop Doddy burgers, I strongly encourage you to do so. Trust me, I know you will like it. If not, try the salad.

February 4

The Super Bowl

Say hello to the Super Bowl 50 champions. The Denver Broncos or The Carolina Panthers?

The Denver Broncos have a very good quarterback to lead their team. Peyton Manning has lots of experience which will help bring the Denver Broncos to a victory. The Broncos are a very good team. But are they good enough? They say that defense wins championships and the Broncos defense might be good enough to make it a close and exciting match.

The Carolina Panthers have an extremely good quarterback. Cam Newton has had a great season. He is young and athletic with lots of talent. He could beat you with his arms or his legs. I think that the Panthers will beat the Broncos.

No matter who wins, Cam Newton has the best dab.

January 29

The Championship Game

Beeep! Sounded the buzzer. That sound marked the end of the semi finals game and the start of the championship.

I was very excited for the championship game. We worked very hard to get there and were not going to give up now. Our warm up was quick but clean, making almost every layup and jump shot. Our passes were nice and firm right into our teammates hands. Finally, it was time.

We were playing the Hill Country Cougars, our rivals. The referee blew the whistle signaling that it was time to start. The first quarter started off bad. Really bad. Before we knew it, the score kept rising up for the Cougars. By the end of the quarter, the score was 17-2 Cougars. Our coach said to change our defense and offense for the next quarter, so we did. It started off slow but started to build. We kept getting point after point after point. By half time the score was 17-14 Cougars. We had stopped them from scoring at all that quarter and added lots of points to our score. What coach told us to do worked. In the third quarter we closed the gap even more to a 2 point game. The start of the fourth quarter was good, until we became tired. We were only making a few shots while the Cougars couldn’t stop making shots. By the end of the fourth quarter we knew we would lose but wouldn’t stop fighting. We made a little bit of a comeback but lost by 11 points.

Overall I thought it was a win. We got to come out and play basketball with our friends. We even made it to the championship. Even though we ended up losing I thought that we had a pretty fun time doing it.

January 14

My Favorite Activities

There are lots of activities to do. Here are some of my favorite activities.

Sports are so much fun. What really makes them fun is if you have some friends to play with you. My favorite sport is probably football. Almost every day the kids that live on my street and I have a football game. It’s a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time. Even just passing the football with your dad or mom can be lots of fun. It can also help you with your catching, so when football season rolls around, you won’t be dropping catches.

Have you ever played video games before? Have you ever watched television or Netflix? Have you ever listened to music or played games on a phone? If you answered no, then you are really missing out. After a hard day of school don’t you just love to come home and relax? Maybe watch some television WHILE you play on your phone? Electronics are so much fun to use and they are probably one of my favorite activities to do; even two at a time!

What are some of your favorite activities? Do you like some of the activities that I like to do?