November 19


I was so happy that I made the basketball team.

I put in a lot of hard work to get through tryouts and make a team. I practiced every day after school with my friends Patrick and Lance. We would practice layups, jump shots and even one on one tournaments for about an hour every night. My hard work had payed off because I made B team. I hadn’t played basketball since second grade and somehow, someway snuck by the cut of 26 people.

I’m really looking forward to learning and practicing basketball skills that I learn from our great coaches. I can’t wait to play in our first game against Lake Travis Middle school. I really hope my first middle school basketball game will end up in a win, but most importantly, I want to have lots of fun and a great time with my friends.

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2 thoughts on “Basketball

  1. rohang3

    Hey Reece,
    I am so happy that you love the great game of Basketball. It is my favorite sport also. I can’t wait for our 2015-2016 WRMS season. It is going to be so fun to play with you and fellow teammates.

    Sincerely, Rohan


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