January 29

The Championship Game

Beeep! Sounded the buzzer. That sound marked the end of the semi finals game and the start of the championship.

I was very excited for the championship game. We worked very hard to get there and were not going to give up now. Our warm up was quick but clean, making almost every layup and jump shot. Our passes were nice and firm right into our teammates hands. Finally, it was time.

We were playing the Hill Country Cougars, our rivals. The referee blew the whistle signaling that it was time to start. The first quarter started off bad. Really bad. Before we knew it, the score kept rising up for the Cougars. By the end of the quarter, the score was 17-2 Cougars. Our coach said to change our defense and offense for the next quarter, so we did. It started off slow but started to build. We kept getting point after point after point. By half time the score was 17-14 Cougars. We had stopped them from scoring at all that quarter and added lots of points to our score. What coach told us to do worked. In the third quarter we closed the gap even more to a 2 point game. The start of the fourth quarter was good, until we became tired. We were only making a few shots while the Cougars couldn’t stop making shots. By the end of the fourth quarter we knew we would lose but wouldn’t stop fighting. We made a little bit of a comeback but lost by 11 points.

Overall I thought it was a win. We got to come out and play basketball with our friends. We even made it to the championship. Even though we ended up losing I thought that we had a pretty fun time doing it.

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1 thoughts on “The Championship Game

  1. Mrs. Kriese

    “Finally, it was time.”

    I like the strength of this, and I like your use of repetition in the narration that follows. Good work!

    And congrats on playing with such heart!


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