February 9

The Best Burger Restaurant Ever!

There are not many places that I would stand in line for. Especially places that have at least a 30 minute wait time. But there is one place that I would.

Hop Doddy burgers is my favorite burger restaurant. Although they have a pretty long wait time, it is definitely worth the wait. I like to get water for my drink and for my main meal I get a Caesar salad. I bet you thought I was healthy for a minute there. I actually get an Oreo milkshake and a burger with fries. I get cheese, lettuce, bacon and ketchup on my burger. Hop Doddy has the best burger buns I have ever tried. The patty is very succulent with lots of juicy flavor. When combined you get “HEAVEN”.

If you have never eaten Hop Doddy burgers, I strongly encourage you to do so. Trust me, I know you will like it. If not, try the salad.


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1 thoughts on “The Best Burger Restaurant Ever!

  1. haydenb4

    i agree that Hop Doddy is preety good. But thtere are better places in OKlahoma, and even Austin, Texas.I like food. I should write about food also food is life.


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