March 4

My Trip to Mexico

I don’t know how much a jet ski costs in Mexico, but I came pretty close to finding out.

I stayed in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. There are lots of activities to do. At the resort I stayed at, I played beach volley ball, swam in the pool, played ping pong, swam in the ocean and even saw a sea turtle lay eggs. However, there was one activity I kept my eye on all week, the jet skis. I wasn’t sure if I was old enough to drive them, but I┬áhad high hopes that I could. Lucky for me, I was just above the age limit. My dad showed me how to drive for about 5 minutes,then I took over as the driver and had a blast for the remainder of the hour.

Once our hour was about up, one of the employees flagged us down and gave us instructions on how to return to the beach safely. He said to position the jet ski between a set of two waves and keep a close eye on the employee on shore. He signaled me to speed up, so I gunned it. I underestimated the velocity of the jet ski and before I knew it I had jumped a wave and was 3 feet in the air with absolutely no water beneath my water craft. We held on tight and braced our selves for a hard landing on the sandy beach.

We expected maximum damage and a large bill to go with it. Thankfully they make the jet skis pretty tough in Mexico and there was no visible damage. We walked away hastily to the hotel and never looked back.


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1 thoughts on “My Trip to Mexico

  1. Aroha

    hi i am Aroha i go to Auroa school new zealand your story is great i liked how you jumped 3 feet in the air. how hot is it mixico. what color sand. how hard was your landing.

    from Aroha room 3 new zealand


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