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Advice For the Sixth Grade Year

Advice For the Sixth Grade Year

In order to have a successful six grade year, you must follow this advice.

First you HAVE to be organized. You are about to enter the land of organization, if you are not organized, doom will await you. Stay organized and be on time to class. Make sure you know your schedule and have everything you need to go to class. After the first couple of weeks of school, teachers expect you to bring everything and don’t let you go back to your lockers for things you forget.

Second, you have to be efficient with your locker. Know your locker combination and keep it safe.. Believe it or not, not knowing your combination can ruin your whole day. Put your combination in a hidden place like a folder so that you are not late to class. If your locker becomes disorganized, you will not be able to find your assignments.

Third, make sure you do your assignments. Do your homework and keep assignments organized. Make sure you know when tests are coming up and study when needed. Getting behind on homework assignments can lower your grade and make your parents mad.

Fourth, be willing to venture out. Be sure to try new things, that the school provides for you. Sign up for new clubs and sports with your friends. It helps if they are there to try them with you.

Fifth, have a plan for lunch. Make plans to sit together with your friends at lunch before the lunch period. It’s really awkward when you have to sit by strangers and have nothing to say. Your lunch period is a great time to chat with your friends and just have a good time.

By: Rohan and Reece


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