February 9

The Best Burger Restaurant Ever!

There are not many places that I would stand in line for. Especially places that have at least a 30 minute wait time. But there is one place that I would.

Hop Doddy burgers is my favorite burger restaurant. Although they have a pretty long wait time, it is definitely worth the wait. I like to get water for my drink and for my main meal I get a Caesar salad. I bet you thought I was healthy for a minute there. I actually get an Oreo milkshake and a burger with fries. I get cheese, lettuce, bacon and ketchup on my burger. Hop Doddy has the best burger buns I have ever tried. The patty is very succulent with lots of juicy flavor. When combined you get “HEAVEN”.

If you have never eaten Hop Doddy burgers, I strongly encourage you to do so. Trust me, I know you will like it. If not, try the salad.

November 12

The Best Mexican Food Restaurant Ever!

Hola, I would like to tell you about how I go about a typical Maudie’s Tex Mex dinner. I start off with a shirley temple, which is basically a sprite with cherries and cherry juice in it. After quenching your thirst, you go straight into eating chips, salsa, and queso. The queso is my favorite part of the whole meal because of how Maudie’s make it. It is filled with rich and delicious flavors as well as onions and tomatoes for spice and flavoring. For my main meal I always get the beef fajitas, which goes very well with any queso you might have left over. The fajitas are tender and filled with flavor, but when combined with a soft homemade flour tortilla and cheese that is what you call heaven. On the way out the door I always get a peppermint and toothpick to leave my mouth fresh and clean after an amazing dinner.

If you have never been to Maudie’s, I highly suggest you do so. Trust me, I know you will like it. So what are you waiting for? Go eat Maudie’s!

October 22

The Best Sushi Restaurant Ever!

Have you ever been given a warm towel before dinner? If not, then you haven’t lived!

In my opinion I think Uchiko is the best sushi restaurant to ever be built. Let me walk you through my favorite experience when I’m at Uchiko. It starts with a warm towel to clean my face and hands. Pop..that is the sound of a traditional Japanese soda being opened for me to drink. It tastes similar to a sprite. I start with miso soup and rice, my mom makes me eat this to reduce the amount of expensive sushi I eat which leads to a cheaper bill. Next comes the hot rock where I sear my own wagyu beef, followed by unagi (cooked eel on top of rice topped with a delicious secret sauce). For the finale, the best desert in the restaurant is fried milk. It is a combination of chocolate, vanilla and lightly crusted fried milk.

I hope you decide to venture out and try it yourself. Who knows, you may even become a sushi lover just like me.