November 5

Madden Mobile

Madden Mobile is the best game ever! When ever I have free time, I play Madden Mobile. Most of the boys in our grade play Madden Mobile. You build your own dream team instead of just starting with an amazing team, and you have to work hard to make your team good. This factor of the game makes it very competitive with your friends. My favorite thing you can play is season which is just like a normal football game. Another thing you can play is head to head which is similar to season, but you take turns playing offense against a random person. Your defense defends by itself, which is good because playing defense on the game can be boring sometimes. Lastly, there is live events, which are random events that cost energy to play. By competing in a live event you can get coins, experience points and even players!

I think Madden Mobile is so much fun, and I really encourage you to try the game out yourself. Feel free to respond back with your thoughts or questions about the game. I will try to respond back to your questions and thoughts.