February 4

The Super Bowl

Say hello to the Super Bowl 50 champions. The Denver Broncos or The Carolina Panthers?

The Denver Broncos have a very good quarterback to lead their team. Peyton Manning has lots of experience which will help bring the Denver Broncos to a victory. The Broncos are a very good team. But are they good enough? They say that defense wins championships and the Broncos defense might be good enough to make it a close and exciting match.

The Carolina Panthers have an extremely good quarterback. Cam Newton has had a great season. He is young and athletic with lots of talent. He could beat you with his arms or his legs. I think that the Panthers will beat the Broncos.

No matter who wins, Cam Newton has the best dab.

January 29

The Championship Game

Beeep! Sounded the buzzer. That sound marked the end of the semi finals game and the start of the championship.

I was very excited for the championship game. We worked very hard to get there and were not going to give up now. Our warm up was quick but clean, making almost every layup and jump shot. Our passes were nice and firm right into our teammates hands. Finally, it was time.

We were playing the Hill Country Cougars, our rivals. The referee blew the whistle signaling that it was time to start. The first quarter started off bad. Really bad. Before we knew it, the score kept rising up for the Cougars. By the end of the quarter, the score was 17-2 Cougars. Our coach said to change our defense and offense for the next quarter, so we did. It started off slow but started to build. We kept getting point after point after point. By half time the score was 17-14 Cougars. We had stopped them from scoring at all that quarter and added lots of points to our score. What coach told us to do worked. In the third quarter we closed the gap even more to a 2 point game. The start of the fourth quarter was good, until we became tired. We were only making a few shots while the Cougars couldn’t stop making shots. By the end of the fourth quarter we knew we would lose but wouldn’t stop fighting. We made a little bit of a comeback but lost by 11 points.

Overall I thought it was a win. We got to come out and play basketball with our friends. We even made it to the championship. Even though we ended up losing I thought that we had a pretty fun time doing it.

January 14

My Favorite Activities

There are lots of activities to do. Here are some of my favorite activities.

Sports are so much fun. What really makes them fun is if you have some friends to play with you. My favorite sport is probably football. Almost every day the kids that live on my street and I have a football game. It’s a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time. Even just passing the football with your dad or mom can be lots of fun. It can also help you with your catching, so when football season rolls around, you won’t be dropping catches.

Have you ever played video games before? Have you ever watched television or Netflix? Have you ever listened to music or played games on a phone? If you answered no, then you are really missing out. After a hard day of school don’t you just love to come home and relax? Maybe watch some television WHILE you play on your phone? Electronics are so much fun to use and they are probably one of my favorite activities to do; even two at a time!

What are some of your favorite activities? Do you like some of the activities that I like to do?

November 19


I was so happy that I made the basketball team.

I put in a lot of hard work to get through tryouts and make a team. I practiced every day after school with my friends Patrick and Lance. We would practice layups, jump shots and even one on one tournaments for about an hour every night. My hard work had payed off because I made B team. I hadn’t played basketball since second grade and somehow, someway snuck by the cut of 26 people.

I’m really looking forward to learning and practicing basketball skills that I learn from our great coaches. I can’t wait to play in our first game against Lake Travis Middle school. I really hope my first middle school basketball game will end up in a win, but most importantly, I want to have lots of fun and a great time with my friends.

October 6

What’s Good and Bad About Football

I think football is a great sport to play. It’s a very fun sport. The thing that I think makes it fun is that you are supposed to be aggressive and tackle people which is really fun if you have just had a bad day of school and need a legal way of letting your anger out. The objective of the game is to score more points than the other team. Which makes it a very competitive game and if you know me I’m a really competitive person and love to win. There is lots of risk that you have to take in order to play football, but I think that it is worth the risk because of how fun it is. Getting bumps and bruises is part of the game if you think about if they are really just battle scars.