Attention all warriors, please report to Heorot 6:00 sharp for a meeting. The signs were all over the town saying the same thing. It was issued by king Hrothgar himself, so of course I went to the meeting. The meeting was about a monster living at the ends of the earth. It grew and grew, and it would keep on growing. But, it went mad. People say that it can break any chain, that it cannot be contained.          

     The king said that we need someone to find and kill it. We will send two men this time. We already tried sending one person, but he died, and we need to slay the monster before it gets too big. Who will go. Instantly one person stood up. His name was Pierce.

     He was a young man in his late twenties who like any young man wanted to go on an adventure. He was fit, had brown untidy hair, and green eyes. Of course he needed one more thing a partner. Someone who could guide him. Someone skilled. But, no one would go. For a second I hesitated, then without knowing it I stood up.

Ornor & Fenrir

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