back at it again with the blog post

he yo i’m back with another blog post this time i went to my first football game the weastlake one also talking about games the guy who blur out the secret to super smash bros didn’t really do a good job r.i.p.  so anyways i went to my first football game on Friday is was cool that’ s all i can say about it j.k it was amazing the band had to play there on Friday witch was cool. after  the performance i called my aunt to see if i can go to the game and of course she said yes so went to the game with my best friends i can’t say there name cause of personal reasons we watch the game me and my friends were screaming our lungs out one of my friends lost there voice after the game my friends left and my other friends came and walk with me to pick up our instrument out of the 9th grade game. it was 10  pm and we had to walk past  what seems a forest or woods ( but really it  was a area full of trees ) so one of my friends said quote ” imagine if a clown just pop out of the trees right now” honk” i kid you not i was about to run and leave them behind after that we went to get our instruments after that my friends left so it was just me all alone so I had the idea to call my brother to see how he’s doing after that I just went home and that’s it nothing special that’s all welp got to go bye reeeeeee

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