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This is a football, it is in the game football. I actually play football, I’m a center I am the first to touch the ball every play. Football is so fun but hard at the same time, I love football and I hope you do to.

Abandoned Warehouse

As you walk through the gate you regret your decision,
As you go through the door everything goes dark…
As you look for the lights you nail a peace of rusty destroyed Metal.
As soon as you fined out the lights you get spooked and you Think you are going to die.
Then you start to coughing from the dust in the air.
When you feel the wall you can feel cracks in the wall.
While you are still looking for the door you notice that it is bigger than you thought.
As you walk around the warehouse you can hear the birds chirping and the bugs crawling and when you find the door you will never go back in.

Lightning thief

This book is about a 12 year old kid named Percy jackson. His dad is Poseidon. Zeus is mad at him because he thinks he stole his lightning bolt so he has to get it back before the summer solstice so he has to get it from hades to save millions of people from the Zeus vs Poseidon war and also is getting his mom back.

Author: Rick Riordan

Fornite Solo Squad


This guy is playing fornite. He is doing solo squad to get the victory royal. He does get the win with plenty kills.
If you want to learn more go to this site.

The video was by, LSK

Hi I’m Rider

Hi I am Rider this is my second post and I just wanted to say have a good day