Summer and MY BIRTHDAY!!!

As the blissful, amazing summer approaches we all start to get antsy and tired of the usual ‘Schooling System’. My dear friends, I’m so ready for school to be over…I have a new prioritiy: SUMMER!

I’m ready for nice beaches, sunny skies and best of all: no home work or tarea! This summer I’m devoting my time to reading, swimming and EATING popsicles. I just want school to end, though most of my teachers are absolutely perfect and awesome. I just want 0 drama, 0 early morning wakeup calls and no one telling me not to use my phone. I’m not asking for much, just please, please, please come earlier this year…like on my birthday!

Yes, my birthday is in the month of may aka the best month ever. We get to say “bye,bye” to school and “hey,hey” to summer. My birthday is on one of the fridays this month (I’m not gonna say which), and I plan to have an EPIC party! I can smell the pizza and hear the One Direction already. It’s also great because at my family gatherings few share the month of May, so more cake for me? Yes. Give me all the cake and candy you got!

AN: thanks for reading, this will be my last post for awhile!

Fact or Opinion




School is an amazing thing, Pretty much everything thing in this world can relate to history, science or education . When you’re in class you get into an argument , do you ever use an option instead of a fact . Of course you have! I am very opinionated so my answer may be different from yours, I mean we can all have our separate beliefs…right? I’d hope you’d all believe that. But, In The modern day  it’s hard to determine fact and opinion, theory or law, right or wrong.

The problem with society today is that we can’t even distinguish these, and it’s weird because we all have differening opionions but how do we when we (kids in my area of town) get the same amount of schooling.  Ah but that’s the thing, We all go to elementary, middle school and high school (hopefully:))… but some people only teach opionion. I mean, don’t get me wrong not all teachers or administrators do it, even trusted networks and politicians do it but that makes sense…they are supposed to put a certain idea into your head.

Some people believe everything they read, which is okay you’re a trusting person. Others don’t trust anyone and have their own opinions which Is OKAY TOO! What’s not okay is when someone makes Fiction a fact. Which seems to happen all the time, my sister and I do it when we argue and it’s probably the same for you. My point is please don’t make your opinion a fact. You’re entitled to your own opinion but only when It makes sense, And no I don’t want everyone being the same and lifeless. JUST GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!


AN: good day everyone, sorry about the length of this. I needed something to write about so why not! Btw this was not made to offend anyone.


I went on the bus with my friends on the bus shaking with nerves and enthusiasm. We laughed , sang , talked and joked. Then we all tried to talk in are Mickey Mouse voices but failed because we sounded hilarious. My friend and I chucked water bottles, and it did hurt.

We all shake out our hands, breathed in slowly and let our teacher guide us into the large high school. We warmed up and got are legs moving, and our vocies ACHING!! We sauntered toward the giant stage and I guess, did our best. They judges kept WRITING even after we’d finnished but they clapped for us…which is unheard of! We then did site reading, which is not our strong suit…but we tried!

My Director told us our scores ” we’ve got a ONE, a ONE and ANOTHER ONE!!” She cheered, earring our applause. She spoke again ” and a ONE , a ONE and A ONE!” She SCREAMED! Yay six ones-wait SIX ONES, We won sweepstakes!

We then proceed to eat pizza, brownies and snackies! 2 months well spent! Thanks to my classmates and teachers…YAY!


(Authors Note: Sorry this is bad, My Original with 4 paragraphs deleted) 


Why is Spring Break Important?

Sometimes the stress from school gets so heavy YOU WANT TO EXPLODE! So why don’t we just quit? Well first of all you can’t quit seventh grade (that won’t look good on your resume). So why don’t we have a break every once in awhile so kids don’t go KABOOM, and that my friends is spring break. This is why Spring Break is important.

In the month of March things get hectic: tests start getting harder, your hours of sleep start to decrease and your brain starts it’s countdown 10…9…8…7…. and etc. When I’m taking a super difficult test I remember “spring break is close!” And I stop worrying. It’s nice to go home and have time to yourself no quizzes, learning checks, vocab packets, reviews or test. I guess for some kids it’s a nightmare not having work to do, but for me it’s well appreciated and needed. While kids go around the globe for a week of Fun, Excitement and Rest. Kids will perform better once they have gotten time to themselves, and I don’t mean a no homework night! Spring break is crucial for a child who is trying to get by and navigate through the scary world of seventh grade.

Not all kids spend spring break chilling and having no worries, others go on adventures. Whether your in San Antonio visiting the Alamo. Whether your in the Florida keys swimming away the days. Whether your in the Appalachian mountains hiking up a steep hill. Whether  your in HongKong seeing the beautiful culture. Whether your inside the realm of a good book. You have Time to waste, no stress is on you. Your worries will melt away, and so will the pressure of getting an A!

Even though spring break only lasts one week, I’m very grateful that we have it. It’s important to have some break time (like in any thing in life) and a breather. So next time your upset about a test or a stupid quiz remember SPRING BREAK IS CLOSE!


Amazing book!!!

So recently I started reading an amazing, awesome, intriguing book. It’s called ‘Invisible’ by James Patterson and David Ellis. So the story line is that a underpaid FBI agents sister died In a fire. Everyday Emmy is haunted by her twins accidental death, but What if…It wasn’t an accident at all. What if it was a MURDER! Emmy has finds out that tons of ‘accidental and normal house fires’ happened in the mid west…With no pattern at all.The only pattern is the placement of there beds. The suposed killer will kill random civilians ex: lawyers, grocers, cashiers, shoe salesmen… He will go after you male or female, he will go after you Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African American, but he wouldn’t dare hurt a child, EVER. 

This cold blooded man must be stopped…But the sad thing is this man remains invisible to the FBI. Emmy goes out trying to start an investigation but everyone says she’s delusional and just heartbroken because the case is personal. She goes lookino for help, So she went to the library to meet up with her ex-fiancé Harrison Bookmen, or (Books). He agrees only because he also knew Marta (Emmys Twin). So they go to Emmys boss, Dickinson who would only agree if him and Emmy could have a “romantic getaway”, Ugh as if. So Emmy and books get blackmail on Dickinson and He agrees to help with resources, search crews, analysist and tech savvy FBI workers.

On the way to finding this creature, The team learns that the deaths were more brutal than expected. He used different torture mechanisms to make they’re last days “count”. Emmy is so angered by this she finds a break in the case. He never kills on sundays…hmm… FOOTBALL SUNDAYS! On the teams road to glory they learn dark secrets… find out in ‘INVISIBLE’.

(authors note: This is by far the best book I’ve read in awhile!)

Panera Bread….

Mediocre soups, Soggy bread and Ultra long lines…Panera Bread is overrated.

One reason is that They have Crazy long lines. I was in line with my friend, we waited 10 whole minuetes just to reach the cash register and all I got was MAC N CHEESE!!! I mean sure the line is gonna be long there busy, But would you wait in that long of a line for an unsatisfactory meal? I would hope not.

Another reason is that the food is very , very , VERY underwhelming. My friend had a turkey sandwich and could barely eat half. Now I’m not a sandwich kind of gal, So I had the classic ‘Mac n cheese’ cause You can’t mess up Mac N Cheese, or so I thought. When they  order finally came (10 minuetes later) I studied it , It had bigger shaped shells and a lighter color of cheese… Seems good  RIGHT? Well no, Wrong again. I scooped up the first shell and carefully placed it in my mouth… Hmmmm…Umm…Blah! Something was funky about the cheese. I couldn’t place it at the time, But my guess was that the cheese was bad…. maybe Moldy!? The saddest part is the only reason I ate it was cause I was freezing and needed warmth.

Wow thanks for that Panera.

The Final Reason: while I was trying my best to enjoy my unsatisfying pasta, I looked around: Kids were running around the astablishment LEFT and RIGHT! I get it it’s not Panera it’s the Parents, Yes and No. They need to have some rules. When my meal is already failing to ease my hunger I don’t need children running everywhere. In fact when I stood up to refill my sprite ( the only good thing there) , A child ran SMACK into my right leg. Just what I needed.

Of all the delicious, Yummy, Appetizing restaurants… I wonder why Panera made the list! Panera is overrated, You won’t see me there. ByeBye Panera!


Hey again! So a couple weeks ago I joined athletics for one main reason: TRACK! Im not the most athletic person but I can run fairly well. When I first joined I thought it would be easy I mean come on it’s only running…Right? Well no I was wrong.

At first one lap was super easy , but after you do one after another after another… Everything hurts. From tip of my toes to the top of my head everything was sore. After running a 200 Coach Introduced us to her little friend , ‘The Hurdle’. From the moment I saw it I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Coach had us all line up and explained how to jump and land. When it was finally my turn in my head I kept repeating ‘ jump with your right, land with your left’ until the phrase was imbedded into my brain. Luckily I did everything right… but the landing. I was in such a haze from doing it right I didn’t feel the pain in my right ankle. The next day we had to run a lap, that’s when I felt the slight pain of my left ankle when my foot hit the AstroTurf but being dumb I kept going.

By the next day I was in so much pain…even squats hurt. My mom wrote me a pass to sit out, but I didn’t want to. Once we started our warmups I was so scared to ask my Coach to sit out . I tried to do the ‘karaoke’  move but My eyes welled up in tears. I then asked her, she said absolutely. About 3 days later I had an ankle brace and I hobbled from room to room. Moral of the story: If your hurting, don’t be Shy!!!

One thing

So I was thinking about how AMAZING ‘The Phantom of The Opera’ is, and I thought about how one tiny thing that means nothing to someone else could mean the world to you. So let’s say someone says the words ‘I love you’ they could easily be lying but they could also mean it.

(SPOILER ALERT); After Christine kisses the phantom his darkness disappears, his anger dissolves, and his heart was filled with love. Now to Christine she probably didn’t care or think about it in that way, But it meant the world to the COLDHEARTED Being. That’s why kindness is so important even the tiniest thing could change someone’s life.

So why spend your numbered days being sad? When you could bring joy to someone else. That has always been something I never understood. Sorry for ranting about this, But remember be kind to everyone! Thanks Bye

– Rileigh


Hey again! So I’m about to Finnish this really good book called ‘Wish you were dead’ by Todd Strasser.

So it’s about a girl name Madison who is one of the most popular girls in school other than her snobby best friend Lucy Cunningham … So when one night Madison drops off Lucy off at her house thinking it was a normal night but it was anything but normal. The next morning Madison gets a call from The Cunningham’s number thinking that Lucy was calling but when Madison answered…  It was Lucy’s worried mother asking her a million questions about Lucy… WHY you may ask? Well maybe its because she is missing!!!!!

Madison is getting blamed for it, Like usual. Although Some say it’s her new friend Tyler or maybe the convicted jock Ethan…Or Maybe just Maybe it was her best friend Courtney.

Everyone has something to say, but no real evidence until…

THEY FIND THE HALOTHANE! Which is something that can knock you out…

Who took Lucy???

Why did Tyler randomly show up???


find out in “Wish you were dead” by Todd Strasser!

The Unseen

The Unseen by: Rileigh P.

Jagged rocks on the starlit path,
Moonshines over the placid dark lagoon
Seagrass slightly sways back and forth on the dunes
Sand piles compress under the weight of your heavy stomps
It’s finally the calm serene place you remember,
But even in the calmest moments, there are always things left unseen
The despondent bird who can’t fly hops from side to side
The alarmed turtle has misplaced her eggs
The astray fish swims frantically past all the others
The lonesome child can’t find his way home
Your feelings drift away in thought
Just because they’re concealed,
Doesn’t mean they’re not real.

(Authors note)

So pretty much I wrote about “forgotten feelings or unnoticed things”, I was just really bored and decided that this might turn out pretty well:). I wanted to use a more educated vocab or just use BIGGER words. I hope my readers understand the meaning and get the big picture, but I understand its kinda hard to follow:) Thanks!