Riley & Fenrir



It was dawn and we were ready to set camp right outside of the cave. My trusty sidekick Chance, King of Geats, was anxious about not getting back to his wife. “Are you sure we aren’t on a suicide mission?” Chance said, shivering as he spoke. The mystical tent appear as a normal tent you would see anywhere else, but when you entered it was a one story house with the kitchen etched in gold markings and the living room had a massive arch way that connected the kitchen to the room. After you passed the kitchen and living room it seemed the three bedrooms were more like caves rather than actual bedrooms.


   We slept a bit but we both knew that we were shifting in our beds trying to pretend sleep. The time came where we took our last bite of breakfast and set off. The cave wasn’t too far out but, we also knew that if we didn’t make peace with the fact that we had to kill Fenrir, he  was going to kill all of Asgard. The cold dampness of our campsite slowly turned into burning hot, dry air surrounding the cave, as we waited outside hoping someone or something was going to come at the last minute and tell us it was all a test, or it was a mistake and we would be taken back to Asgard. The sound of the beast grew louder and louder as he creeped out of the cave to greet us. The stomps felt like the world shaking for our sympathy. “Raaawr!” A tiny voice said in a squeaky little voice came out of the cave. It was a mouse?! How can this be?Where’s Fenrir? “Y’all were just too late, I already killed him.” Said the mouse with pride etched in his voice.