I am reading this book called  Ghost by Jason Reynolds. I think it’s a amazing book because, I like all the amazing story’s of others life in this book. The characters are very entertaining in the book I think that Castle is the best character in the book. He’s has the most interesting life he’s struggles in life but fights back he’s done some bad thing in his life time but he tries to make up for it. He’s making new friends as we watch him live life. The book is mostly about how the people that got him into running and that does running changed his life. I learned that  you can’t run from what you have already done. I personal would  recommend This book to every one it’s amazing also ask what other people think is amazing because you I learned that this book can change your point of view on life.

Baseball Plays Boi

I chose this video because I enjoy Baseball. Amazing plays

Deaquan’s Ooga Booga Booga

Deaquan is the best ooga booga man in the 🌎. I😆 at a 🍌 while eating a 🌭. People hate it when you yell at a them.

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