The Interesting Trip to Moab

The Interesting Trip to Moab, Utah


The view from a 5-point harness

It is not the best

But it is good enough

We get ready for off-roading

And even though it’s rough

It’s better than doing nothing


The sound of our v8 engine floods out the talking

That is a cue that we are ready

And as we start rolling down to the highway

It gets a little edgy

With our big tires


As we get there we start to see

The glorious rock trails

Lasting for miles and miles

The hot sun beating down

We notice we are far away from any town


The day is tough

The seatbelt is rough

But we never have enough


And then we hear




And the motor stops


And as the night grows strong

We thought to ourselves

Even if your moving along

And you make a mistake

You go in the wrong


We wondered

If we could make it to base camp

But in the end

Miracles happen

And a tow truck


Had just happened to be on the road

Took us back

At last,

we are home.


authors note: when we went to Moab, it was around my birthday so basically I thought the trip was for my birthday. So we go with some of my dad’s friends to go off-roading. As we get there, we all get set up with our RV’s. And the next day we hit the rock trails, and as we get to the end of our day, our engine starts to overheat. And then we here a really loud sound and we figured out it was a transmission failure and we luckily found a tow truck that towed us to base camp\RV’s. I really wanted to share this story with you because it shows kind of what I like to do.

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