Collin Kapernick and his protest

Collin Kapernick is the starting quarter back for the San Francisco 49ers. At the beginning of a pre season game while the national anthem was playing everybody was standing with there hands on their hearts. Accept for one player his name was Collin Kapernick. At the end of the game at the press conference everybody was asking why he was kneeling during the national anthem and his response was ”Being an African American I feel and a lot of other African Americans feel like we are oppressed”.

My opinion on the protest is that it is disrespectful to people that serve this country in the military and that he should stand up. But some other people support Collin Kapernick and think that he is a role model and is trying to change the issue of cops and African American’s. People also like that he started a conversation about the problems with cops and African Americans. I think that is an important issue but I think that kneeling during the national anthem is not the correct way to protest the problems I believe that Collin Kapernick should’ve just told the press about the problems. Because kneeling during the national anthem can offend the people that served and serve this country.

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  1. Thoughtful post about a sensitive issue, Bobby. Time magazine has a cover story on Kaepernick and what the editors are calling the movement he started. Some student athletes are now following his lead.

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