Why the Cowboys Couldn’t Win Their Opener

First thoughts are the we lost the game because Terrance Williams wouldn’t get out of bounds on that last play. Yes that very well could’ve secured a win, but I wan’t to go a little deeper.

First off the secondary. I’ not going to blame them much. Under the circumstances they played quite well, and were lots better than the last couple of years. They were also up against Eli Manning an accomplished veteran quarterback, with one of the better receiving corps in the NFL. However the Giants scored more points in less time with deep pass plays.

Next is Dez Bryant. I’m not going to hate on him for dropping one pass that could have saved the game. It is clearly evident that he is no fully healthy. One catch for 8 yards is not what we’re used to seeing, so there was a heavy reliance on Jason Witten, which isn’t bad thing,but nothing can replace the deep threat provided by Dez.

But what really decided this game was the inability to finish drives. We cant’t win games ending 4 great drives with field goals. We have to be able keep running down teams in the red zone and cash in on scoring opportunities.

Until they get better at this I don’t know if we can even keep a 4-12 record.



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  1. Mrs. Kriese

    Cowboys fans are long-suffering and oh-so-patient! I know some fans were actually glad Tony Romo will be out for some time. What are your feelings about Romo and Jerry Jones? My husband says he’ll start watching the Cowboys again after Jones is gone 🙂

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