A Rivalry Renewed

I’m thrilled to once again be writing about a Cowboy’s victory rather than a loss.

On Sunday we took on the 49ers and won 24-17. The first quarter started awfully with the Cowboys failing to convert third downs and San Francisco making big pass plays. We were stuck in a 14-0 hole. But then we had a great drive ending on a 20 yard touchdown to Terrance Williams. Then we halted the 49ers and got in a second score just before the half. We took the lead in the second half by 4, and then 7 at the end of the game.

The defense started poorly, but got their bearings and even made a much needed pick on a long throw. I’m not too worried about stopping the run game, because next week we have Demarcus Lawrence and Randy Greogory back from suspension. Anthony Brown, a rookie from Purdue, had a good day covering well and breaking up passes. Morris Claiborne made the interception and is playing very well despite many past injuries.

The offense is playing at top level with huge performances from key players. Dak Presscott had 2 touchdowns, and still no picks in 131 throws. He is consistently playing at the same level as first and second round draft picks. Ezekiel Elliot rushed for 136 yards and a touchdown and is showing that he knows the offense well. The line faltered due to the loss of Tyrone Smith, but played a good game. Butler did well in the place of Dez Bryant, catching a key touchdown and drawing away coverage.

Next week is Cincinati at home during the 3:30 slot. It will be a difficult game, but it is winnable.



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