The Year Of the Underdog

2016 has seen some great surprises, but none more so (in my opinion) than these 3.

  1. The Chicago Cubs. I don’t really follow baseball, but I watched the World Series and was stunned to see Chicago come back from trailing 3-1 games to win. I think it was just because the rain delay, as Cleveland had all the momentum coming into the end of the game.
  2. The Dallas Cowboys. If I told you lat year the Cowboys would be #1 in the NFC, and riding a seven game win streak, you would tell me I was a lunatic. Even my predictions for this season were 7-9. Dak Prescott has taken off as an instant star, smashing rookie records. Ezekiel Elliot is now the league’s leading rushers with 891 yards in 8 games.
  3. And of course Donald Trump the next president of the United States. No one had him winning the election, but he won the battle ground states; North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio. Not only that he broke through the blue wall and took Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to win. Despite taking more heat from the media than any candidate ever, the silent majority came through and won him the race. Given he will pick a supreme court nominee, and has a Republican house and senate, he can do a lot of good for America.
    Or he could run us into the ground. With him, no one really knows.
    But that doesn’t mean he will, and no matter how bad you think he is he wont’t throw you in prison. And protesting doesn’t fix anything. He won the election fair and square. Wether you want him to be or not, he is¬†your president.

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  1. alexj6

    The Steelers are gonna beat the cowboys on Saturday or Sunday! ( I’m not sure what day they play ) ( I purposely did not capitalize cowboys ( twice ))

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