Can the Cowboys Win Out Their Schedule?

First thoughts are the Cowboys are not only on an unstoppable win streak, but also has an easy schedule from last year’s bad season. But Minnesota, Detroit, and Tampa Bay may pose a threat to our number one seed hopes.

Week 13:
Minnesota started the season winning 5 in a row, looking excellent, even without san bradford. They have lost 5 of their last 6, and their star runningback Adrian Peterson. However their recieving corps poses a threat to the struggling Cowboys secondary.

Week 15:
Tampa Bay started another down season 3-5, but have won their last 3 games. More notably they came from behind against the Chiefs week 11, and kept a strong first quarter lead over Seattle to win 14-9. Their record doesn’t show it but the win against the Seahawks solidifies them as one of the best teams in the NFC. Jamis Winston’s pass game is excelling and promises to once again tear apart the Cowboys secondary.

Week 16:
Detroit came into the season expected to lose the division to the Packers, but has taken advantage of their injury-ridden season, and good offensive play, to rise to the top of the NFC North. I don’t think they compare to Tampa Bay, but I expect to see them in the playoffs, and putting up a good fight against the Cowboys.

See the rest of the Cowboy’s schedule here.


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