The Catch

It was a cold January day in Lambeau Field. The Cowboys trailed the Packers by a score of 26-21 in the 4th quarter. This 4th down and 1 promised to determine to win the game. Tony Romo goes under center ¬†for what looks ike a power run up the middle. But no he throws long to Dez Bryant! It’s a catch!

Or is it?

As the playoffs roll around the corner with Dallas already clinching a spot, I’m taken back to the haunting memories of this play. The call on the field was changed to a no catch after review, and it seemed to be so. But that may not be the case.

The reason the catch was overturned was the fact that the ball popped out upon hitting the ground, which it did. However the rules specify that this only applies if the reciever is catching the ball, and is not yet a runner. It is evident that after Dez takes 3 steps after catching the ball. But the argument against this is that he was juggling the ball and did not have full possession.

But this was not the case.

He switched the ball to his left hand so he can dive for the pylon, which he does. This is a considered a football move, one of the things that can rule a catch complete. He did step out of bounds before hitting the pylon, but he would still be down at the one yard line, an almost guaranteed touchdown with the league’s leading rusher Demarco Murray.

Alas it is to late to change anything, so I’m just pointlessly whining. Maybe we’ll have better luck this year.

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  1. christianf6

    Because Dez was diving for the end zone, couldn’t the officials have used the pylon cam to see is he was juggling the football. And to see if he had control.

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