Super Bowl Predictions

The Divisional round is a little late to make picks, but I’ll do it anyways.

I’ll start with the Texans at Patriots. I expect this to be the worst playoff game of al time. The Texans defense may put up a decent fight, but their offense lacks the power to take on the amazing pass game of Tom Brady.

Steelers at Chiefs should be a better game, but I still expect Pittsburgh to win by at least 2 scores. Leveon Bell is playing better than he ever has, and the Steeler’s pass game promises big plays. It will be hard for the Cheifs to beat such an energized team after 2 weeks of rest.

Seahawks at Falcons is a game I’m very excited to see. The Sehawks’s hard hitting defense could shut down Atlanta, but at the same time their offense could get overpowered by the Falcon’s number one offense. I can’t make a sure prediction here, but I’ll take the Seahawks with a narrow win.

Packers at Cowboys promises a great football game, but it might be a lopsided as it was week 6. With the injury of Ty Montgomery the Packers have almost no run game. Their run defense lacks the ability to stop the Cowboy’s O-line and Ezekiel Elliot as we saw October. This gives the Cowboys the ability to dominate possession, and limit the pass game of Aaron Rogers. We also have the advantage of Jordy Nelson’s injury. I’m taking the Cowboys, but not without worry of the Packers in the playoffs.

So this leaves us with Steelers at Patriots in the AFC, and Seahawks at Cowboys in the NFC

The Steelers are the only team in the AFC that can beat the Patriots, and going to go out on a limb and say they will. I don’t know if it’s crazed superstition, or actual fact, but the Steelers looked so good against Miami I think they’ll go to the Super Bowl. Mabye I just secretly want a Cowboys Steelers Super Bowl. I’ll have to see well the Patriots are going to play against the Texans before I pick them.

I’m weary to pick Seahawks at Cowboys ot of superstition, but I’m owing to side with the Cowboys as NFC champions. As good as the Seahawk’s defense is I think the Cowboy’s run game can over power them. As long as we establish a run game we can easily out-score their offense.

I will not pick the actual Super Bowl, again out of superstition, but comment below and pick Cowboys or Steelers, or whoever you think the winner and loser will be.

Also I just wanted to mention that Tony Romo looked great against the Eagles, and I will always think he is a great quaterback.



  1. christianf6

    Calling Tony Romo great is shocking, Half the time in his carrear he couldn’t play football because he was on the Ir. My pick for a Cowboy Steelers Super Bowl would be Cowboys. Ben’s status is iffy and the Cowboys can pound out the clock w/ the run game.

  2. Mrs. Kriese

    Well, it’s Monday the 16th, and by now we all know it won’t be Seahawks at Cowboys. I’m glad Seattle lost to Atlanta, but that Cowboys defeat was heartbreaking!

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