A Stolen Game, But a Bright Future

I had the amazing experience this week to go to see the Cowboys playoff game this Sunday for my dad’s 50th birthday, along with 2 of his friends. It was tons of fun, and really was a great football game. But I can’t help but be haunted by 3 calls that could’ve easily sent the game the other way.

1. Hands to the face on Jeff Heath: This was just a bad angle from the ref that prevented the Cowboys from finally stopping a Packer’s drive. It would’ve been a no call in any other game, and all the while our nose tackle was being dragged down with a monster hold right in front of Rogers. So instead we ended up with another Green Bay touchdown.

2. Personal foul on Brice Butler: This one was frankly ridiculous. He was on the field after the last play waiting for a huddle to form.  He then saw he wasn’t in the play and ran off. According to rule the 15 yard foul is for purposely trying to confuse the defense with substitutions. It seems like the only ones confused here were the refs. Butler even said himself he’d “never heard of it in my life“.The only way they could’ve been made aware of this was a tip from the Packers that they didn’t pass on to the Cowboys. If they didn’t call it it would’ve been our ball at the 15, which would amount to at least a field goal.

3. Pass interference on Barry Church (that’s what the refs called, but it was actually on Anthony Brown): Yes I will admit the receiver was held at the 35 yard line. But that is not what pass interference. The rules say pass interference can only occur while the pass is in the air. I couldn’t find an angle with both quarterback and receiver, but with the GIF on this site you can make out it would take about 4 seconds from when the penalty occurs to when the ball is picked. There’s no way it took the ball 4 seconds to go 30 yards. It should’ve been defensive holding, which would’ve kept the Packers out of field goal range.

Though it’s hard to complain when you go from 4-12 to 13-3. The future holds great things for this Cowboys team, and I hope to see us go further next year.

Many of the good teams in the league are led by older quarterbacks, who may soon retire. And we’ve all seen the troubles with finding new quaterbacks in Cleavland, San Francisco, and Houston, just to name a few. The Cowboys have the upper hand with an offense led by a rookie backfield, young offensive line, and a defense set for great improvement in the offseason.

Until then I guess I’m a Falcons fan, because I hate every other team in the playoffs. On a good closing note leaving the stadium in the cold rain someone shouted out “How bout them Cowboys, and how bout them rookies!”, and after seeing an amazing season and a great game like that, it’s impossible to disagree with him.

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