NFL Rule Changes

Needless to says the NFL officiating this year has looked pretty shabby. And I think about everyone’s had it with one touchdown ending a game in overtime. So I have some suggestions for Roger Goodell, even though he’ll probably never see them:

1. A while back my grandpa was showing me the Canadian Football League, as we were both deep into summer football withdrawal. The game is pretty well sructured, and closely resembles Big 12 football—but, the offiaciating is great. Why? Coahces have the ability to challenge penalties. Sure this drags down the game, but it makes a HUGE difference in th quaity of the game. In the league now a big time pass interference call can change the outcome of the game. No more would bogus personal fouls deplete games of their authenticity. And don’t anything could better bolster the plummeting ratings of Thursday Night Football.

2. I don’t know if this is just a personal thing, but I would love to see the officials come out in a pres conrence after a bad game. Credit to my dad’s friend for suggesting this after the tragic Cowboys loss. Instead of shoving cameras into the faces of the players and coaches who have just suffered a loss, shove in the face of the bad referees who helped give it to them. Not only would it entertain the public, it would encourage refs to admit their wrongs and call better games.

3. The Suberbowl finish reminded me how much I despise the playoff rules, especially in the playoffs. They were introduced in a time when game were lower scoring and more defensive, but with all the shootout games we have now they’re just not practical. If teams are scoring touchdowns every other possession the game could vary likely be decided by a coin toss. This would add a lot of ties in the regular season, so mabye they could start with post-season and see how it works, because playoff games have more than 1 quarter of overtime.



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