A Look Back on Tony Romo

Earlier this week Tony Romo has announced his retirement from football, and new position in broadcasting. Often his career is argued to be a failure, but it is not so.

On Thanksgiving day 2006 he played for he first time, demolishing the  Buccaneers and igniting a firestorm of speculation for his future, not unlike Dak Prescott. That season ended with a wild card playoff appearance. That was the first of 4 playoff appearances in his 8 full seasons. It is rare that any quaterback will go to the playoffs their rookie season and continue to late in their career. Despite the lack of a Super Bowl appearance, his playoff career is in general a good one.

Often the 2015 season is used to judge him, which is a very poor measure. The 2015 season he played in only 4 game, winning 3. The 3 wins were also the three games he played in full. The overall failure of the season is mostly the cause of him, but not because he played bad, but because he wasn’t there.

And the most lasting part of his legacy is his incredible passer rating. His career total is 97.1, which is better than Ben Rothlesburger, Peyton Manning, and Matt Ryan. He also managed 65.3% on completions, and an has 2.12 touchdown to interception ratio. All of these stats are in the top 10 of all time.

Hiss pro football career has been a very positive, and his legacy not just with the Cowboys, but with the whole NFL will be a very lasting one.

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