Open Letter To Tony Romo

Dear Tony Romo,

Your retirement has brought back much comment and insight, some of it negative, on your career. I’m reminded of the harsh criticisms of last season, mostly for games you didn’t even play. But I’m not writing this to defend everything ever said against you. I’m trying to focus on the good things and thank you for them. The things that set you apart from other players, and guarantee an induction to the Hall of Fame.
The stats you’ve put up as in the NFL show consistency, accuracy, and intelligence. Completion percentage, passer rating, and touchdown to interception ratio are all in the top 10 of all time.
But there’s more to the game than that.

Modesty is something that you exude on and off the field. In a career surrounded by running backs, you’ve stuck to playcall, and stayed away from risky deep balls (except when it’s needed.) The fact that you kept your cool after being blatantly cheated by the homie refs at Lambeau amazes me. Most stunning was enduring months of nonstop media coverage of Dak Prescott, without ever saying anything bad about him or the team. Keeping quiet and working was something I don’t think any other NFL quarterback could’ve pulled off.

And off the field you’ve kept a clean record, and done some charity work along the way. You haven’t skipped a practice, or got yourself in trouble, or lost your cool on TV. I don’t think anything you’ve done in a whole career was something the Cowboys look down upon.

And most important is Thanksgiving.

To me Thanksgiving Day and Tony Romo is a pair I’ll miss for this rest of my life. Literally from day one you showed up when in mattered to take a home win when everyone was watching, whether it’s the Bucs, or the dolphins, or most importantly the Redskins. But do try to tell someone to get the old school uniforms back. It’s really not the same without them or you.

So thank you for your decade of playing and everything you did for the Cowboys and their fans.

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