About Me

Hi, I’m Ben. Here’s a list of some things I think you should know about me.

1. I was born in Austin Texas and haves lived there my whole life.

2. I am a huge Cowboy fan, and always will be no matter how bad they get.

3. I play French horn in the school band and football for the school team.

4. I enjoy building and painting scale model kits of tanks and plane.

5. Parks and Rec, Myth Busters, and Gravity Falls are my favorite shows.

6. I have an older brother and a dog named Chulo (you will probably see lots of him)

7.I like to run and played soccer throughout elementary school.

8. BBQ is the best kind of food and I’m sorry for those of you on parts of the planet where you don’t have it.

9. Being from Texas I can not tolerate cold, which is any temperature below 70 degrees.

10. My favorite band is Iron Maiden, and I enjoy most music of their genre

11. My heroes are both George Bushes, Roger Staubach, Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, and of course my parents.