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Open Letter To Tony Romo

Dear Tony Romo,

Your retirement has brought back much comment and insight, some of it negative, on your career. I’m reminded of the harsh criticisms of last season, mostly for games you didn’t even play. But I’m not writing this to defend everything ever said against you. I’m trying to focus on the good things and thank you for them. The things that set you apart from other players, and guarantee an induction to the Hall of Fame.
The stats you’ve put up as in the NFL show consistency, accuracy, and intelligence. Completion percentage, passer rating, and touchdown to interception ratio are all in the top 10 of all time.
But there’s more to the game than that.

Modesty is something that you exude on and off the field. In a career surrounded by running backs, you’ve stuck to playcall, and stayed away from risky deep balls (except when it’s needed.) The fact that you kept your cool after being blatantly cheated by the homie refs at Lambeau amazes me. Most stunning was enduring months of nonstop media coverage of Dak Prescott, without ever saying anything bad about him or the team. Keeping quiet and working was something I don’t think any other NFL quarterback could’ve pulled off.

And off the field you’ve kept a clean record, and done some charity work along the way. You haven’t skipped a practice, or got yourself in trouble, or lost your cool on TV. I don’t think anything you’ve done in a whole career was something the Cowboys look down upon.

And most important is Thanksgiving.

To me Thanksgiving Day and Tony Romo is a pair I’ll miss for this rest of my life. Literally from day one you showed up when in mattered to take a home win when everyone was watching, whether it’s the Bucs, or the dolphins, or most importantly the Redskins. But do try to tell someone to get the old school uniforms back. It’s really not the same without them or you.

So thank you for your decade of playing and everything you did for the Cowboys and their fans.

The Coming Of Summer

This week the weather has been so nice, and it reminded me that summer the best season, was finally on its way. And this post is why it’s so great.

For starters the food. Suddenly in summer you get a burst of shakes, and snow cones, and ice cream. This makes every day better. And the weather is perfect for backyard grilling. Barbecue, steak, pork chops, wings, they’re all back in season. And best of watermelon is ripe, juicy, and plentiful.

Now back to weather. It my be hot and dry, but any day I would rather be hot than cold. Nothing is better than the warm sun on your skin, and the gentle breeze. The great weather also allows for trips to the beach and lake, adding even more fun to the mix.

And most important of all is no school. I think anyone who is in or ever has been to school understands this without much elaboration. It is freedom at last.

So to me the food, weather, and freedom of summer makes it the best season there is.

A Look Back on Tony Romo

Earlier this week Tony Romo has announced his retirement from football, and new position in broadcasting. Often his career is argued to be a failure, but it is not so.

On Thanksgiving day 2006 he played for he first time, demolishing the  Buccaneers and igniting a firestorm of speculation for his future, not unlike Dak Prescott. That season ended with a wild card playoff appearance. That was the first of 4 playoff appearances in his 8 full seasons. It is rare that any quaterback will go to the playoffs their rookie season and continue to late in their career. Despite the lack of a Super Bowl appearance, his playoff career is in general a good one.

Often the 2015 season is used to judge him, which is a very poor measure. The 2015 season he played in only 4 game, winning 3. The 3 wins were also the three games he played in full. The overall failure of the season is mostly the cause of him, but not because he played bad, but because he wasn’t there.

And the most lasting part of his legacy is his incredible passer rating. His career total is 97.1, which is better than Ben Rothlesburger, Peyton Manning, and Matt Ryan. He also managed 65.3% on completions, and an has 2.12 touchdown to interception ratio. All of these stats are in the top 10 of all time.

Hiss pro football career has been a very positive, and his legacy not just with the Cowboys, but with the whole NFL will be a very lasting one.

Why Why We Should Keep Our Faith In American Democracy

Since the election I have heard much about questioning our constitution, including a writing prompt from the New York Times. But many of these doubts are unfounded, and here’s why.

To start with many have questioned the electoral college after Hillary lost with the popular vote. Why should we hold elections that don’t let the majority decide? Originally elections were done by state to make the votes easier to count. In modern ages when most voting is electronic, they seem useless, but still serve a purpose: to give very state a voice in their opinion. In a popular vote states like Rhode Island, Montana, and South Dakota would be useless. But the electoral college keeps them important. It is made fro every state to make there decision without it being changed by another.

Some have even questioned democracy as a whole for our governing principle. It is true that it is not perfect, but it is the best we can get. Nothing else actually changes and adapts constantly to the view of the American public, or at lest that’s how it should work. It is entirely dependent on public involvement. If democracy does not show the full will of the people, the only explanation can be that the people aren’t voicing their will.

So if you think our democracy is flawed, or if you think it is not there is still only one logical thing to do: vote. If voter turnout continues to dwindle democracy may fail us. If we all fulfill our obligations our nation will last as long as there are people still alive. So keep your faith in our democracy, and do it with your ballot.


NFL Rule Changes

Needless to says the NFL officiating this year has looked pretty shabby. And I think about everyone’s had it with one touchdown ending a game in overtime. So I have some suggestions for Roger Goodell, even though he’ll probably never see them:

1. A while back my grandpa was showing me the Canadian Football League, as we were both deep into summer football withdrawal. The game is pretty well sructured, and closely resembles Big 12 football—but, the offiaciating is great. Why? Coahces have the ability to challenge penalties. Sure this drags down the game, but it makes a HUGE difference in th quaity of the game. In the league now a big time pass interference call can change the outcome of the game. No more would bogus personal fouls deplete games of their authenticity. And don’t anything could better bolster the plummeting ratings of Thursday Night Football.

2. I don’t know if this is just a personal thing, but I would love to see the officials come out in a pres conrence after a bad game. Credit to my dad’s friend for suggesting this after the tragic Cowboys loss. Instead of shoving cameras into the faces of the players and coaches who have just suffered a loss, shove in the face of the bad referees who helped give it to them. Not only would it entertain the public, it would encourage refs to admit their wrongs and call better games.

3. The Suberbowl finish reminded me how much I despise the playoff rules, especially in the playoffs. They were introduced in a time when game were lower scoring and more defensive, but with all the shootout games we have now they’re just not practical. If teams are scoring touchdowns every other possession the game could vary likely be decided by a coin toss. This would add a lot of ties in the regular season, so mabye they could start with post-season and see how it works, because playoff games have more than 1 quarter of overtime.


Give Trump a Chance

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since the election, and the world still hasn’t gotten over it. So here I am again trying to convince that Trump won’t be, and isn’t, the worst president of all time.

Firstly right now there is a great uproar over the “Muslim Ban”, that wasn’t made because Trump hates muslims, and isn’t really a ban. It was totally constutionally for him to implement, and he didn’t implement it for personal reasons. As we’ve seen the US vetting process hasn’t picked out all the potential terrosists well, and he aims to fix it. So it simply wouldn’t be are to let people in from countries where there are anti-US terrorist organizations while we can’t keep them out. Obama did the same thing in 2011. It’s not like he’s tearing families apart forever it’s only a 90 day pause.

Secondly he doesn’t hate science. The administration has said they want to continue depoliticized, non biased science. We live in age when politics is so deeply rooted in the science community that t is impossible to tell fact from fiction. If you tell scientists to make sure something is totally true, or make sure something is totally false you din’t get accurate data. We can actually settle arguments and enact useful policy.

And most importantly his wall will not destroy the American dream. It isn’t all about hatred of illegal immigrants and trying to tear apart families, it’s about stopping crime. Anyone could still come into the country legally. What it does is force everyone through Border Patrol checkpoints, which you could only assume would drastically reduce the trafficking of narcotics, guns, etc. For years Obama has been using his executive power to stop he law from being enforced. It really isn’t that crazy to enforce immigration law.

So the next time Trump enact an “evil” or “hateful” policy, see past emotion and look at the facts. He may surprise you.

A Stolen Game, But a Bright Future

I had the amazing experience this week to go to see the Cowboys playoff game this Sunday for my dad’s 50th birthday, along with 2 of his friends. It was tons of fun, and really was a great football game. But I can’t help but be haunted by 3 calls that could’ve easily sent the game the other way.

1. Hands to the face on Jeff Heath: This was just a bad angle from the ref that prevented the Cowboys from finally stopping a Packer’s drive. It would’ve been a no call in any other game, and all the while our nose tackle was being dragged down with a monster hold right in front of Rogers. So instead we ended up with another Green Bay touchdown.

2. Personal foul on Brice Butler: This one was frankly ridiculous. He was on the field after the last play waiting for a huddle to form.  He then saw he wasn’t in the play and ran off. According to rule the 15 yard foul is for purposely trying to confuse the defense with substitutions. It seems like the only ones confused here were the refs. Butler even said himself he’d “never heard of it in my life“.The only way they could’ve been made aware of this was a tip from the Packers that they didn’t pass on to the Cowboys. If they didn’t call it it would’ve been our ball at the 15, which would amount to at least a field goal.

3. Pass interference on Barry Church (that’s what the refs called, but it was actually on Anthony Brown): Yes I will admit the receiver was held at the 35 yard line. But that is not what pass interference. The rules say pass interference can only occur while the pass is in the air. I couldn’t find an angle with both quarterback and receiver, but with the GIF on this site you can make out it would take about 4 seconds from when the penalty occurs to when the ball is picked. There’s no way it took the ball 4 seconds to go 30 yards. It should’ve been defensive holding, which would’ve kept the Packers out of field goal range.

Though it’s hard to complain when you go from 4-12 to 13-3. The future holds great things for this Cowboys team, and I hope to see us go further next year.

Many of the good teams in the league are led by older quarterbacks, who may soon retire. And we’ve all seen the troubles with finding new quaterbacks in Cleavland, San Francisco, and Houston, just to name a few. The Cowboys have the upper hand with an offense led by a rookie backfield, young offensive line, and a defense set for great improvement in the offseason.

Until then I guess I’m a Falcons fan, because I hate every other team in the playoffs. On a good closing note leaving the stadium in the cold rain someone shouted out “How bout them Cowboys, and how bout them rookies!”, and after seeing an amazing season and a great game like that, it’s impossible to disagree with him.

Super Bowl Predictions

The Divisional round is a little late to make picks, but I’ll do it anyways.

I’ll start with the Texans at Patriots. I expect this to be the worst playoff game of al time. The Texans defense may put up a decent fight, but their offense lacks the power to take on the amazing pass game of Tom Brady.

Steelers at Chiefs should be a better game, but I still expect Pittsburgh to win by at least 2 scores. Leveon Bell is playing better than he ever has, and the Steeler’s pass game promises big plays. It will be hard for the Cheifs to beat such an energized team after 2 weeks of rest.

Seahawks at Falcons is a game I’m very excited to see. The Sehawks’s hard hitting defense could shut down Atlanta, but at the same time their offense could get overpowered by the Falcon’s number one offense. I can’t make a sure prediction here, but I’ll take the Seahawks with a narrow win.

Packers at Cowboys promises a great football game, but it might be a lopsided as it was week 6. With the injury of Ty Montgomery the Packers have almost no run game. Their run defense lacks the ability to stop the Cowboy’s O-line and Ezekiel Elliot as we saw October. This gives the Cowboys the ability to dominate possession, and limit the pass game of Aaron Rogers. We also have the advantage of Jordy Nelson’s injury. I’m taking the Cowboys, but not without worry of the Packers in the playoffs.

So this leaves us with Steelers at Patriots in the AFC, and Seahawks at Cowboys in the NFC

The Steelers are the only team in the AFC that can beat the Patriots, and going to go out on a limb and say they will. I don’t know if it’s crazed superstition, or actual fact, but the Steelers looked so good against Miami I think they’ll go to the Super Bowl. Mabye I just secretly want a Cowboys Steelers Super Bowl. I’ll have to see well the Patriots are going to play against the Texans before I pick them.

I’m weary to pick Seahawks at Cowboys ot of superstition, but I’m owing to side with the Cowboys as NFC champions. As good as the Seahawk’s defense is I think the Cowboy’s run game can over power them. As long as we establish a run game we can easily out-score their offense.

I will not pick the actual Super Bowl, again out of superstition, but comment below and pick Cowboys or Steelers, or whoever you think the winner and loser will be.

Also I just wanted to mention that Tony Romo looked great against the Eagles, and I will always think he is a great quaterback.


The Catch

It was a cold January day in Lambeau Field. The Cowboys trailed the Packers by a score of 26-21 in the 4th quarter. This 4th down and 1 promised to determine to win the game. Tony Romo goes under center  for what looks ike a power run up the middle. But no he throws long to Dez Bryant! It’s a catch!

Or is it?

As the playoffs roll around the corner with Dallas already clinching a spot, I’m taken back to the haunting memories of this play. The call on the field was changed to a no catch after review, and it seemed to be so. But that may not be the case.

The reason the catch was overturned was the fact that the ball popped out upon hitting the ground, which it did. However the rules specify that this only applies if the reciever is catching the ball, and is not yet a runner. It is evident that after Dez takes 3 steps after catching the ball. But the argument against this is that he was juggling the ball and did not have full possession.

But this was not the case.

He switched the ball to his left hand so he can dive for the pylon, which he does. This is a considered a football move, one of the things that can rule a catch complete. He did step out of bounds before hitting the pylon, but he would still be down at the one yard line, an almost guaranteed touchdown with the league’s leading rusher Demarco Murray.

Alas it is to late to change anything, so I’m just pointlessly whining. Maybe we’ll have better luck this year.

Can the Cowboys Win Out Their Schedule?

First thoughts are the Cowboys are not only on an unstoppable win streak, but also has an easy schedule from last year’s bad season. But Minnesota, Detroit, and Tampa Bay may pose a threat to our number one seed hopes.

Week 13:
Minnesota started the season winning 5 in a row, looking excellent, even without san bradford. They have lost 5 of their last 6, and their star runningback Adrian Peterson. However their recieving corps poses a threat to the struggling Cowboys secondary.

Week 15:
Tampa Bay started another down season 3-5, but have won their last 3 games. More notably they came from behind against the Chiefs week 11, and kept a strong first quarter lead over Seattle to win 14-9. Their record doesn’t show it but the win against the Seahawks solidifies them as one of the best teams in the NFC. Jamis Winston’s pass game is excelling and promises to once again tear apart the Cowboys secondary.

Week 16:
Detroit came into the season expected to lose the division to the Packers, but has taken advantage of their injury-ridden season, and good offensive play, to rise to the top of the NFC North. I don’t think they compare to Tampa Bay, but I expect to see them in the playoffs, and putting up a good fight against the Cowboys.

See the rest of the Cowboy’s schedule here.