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A Rivalry Renewed

I’m thrilled to once again be writing about a Cowboy’s victory rather than a loss.

On Sunday we took on the 49ers and won 24-17. The first quarter started awfully with the Cowboys failing to convert third downs and San Francisco making big pass plays. We were stuck in a 14-0 hole. But then we had a great drive ending on a 20 yard touchdown to Terrance Williams. Then we halted the 49ers and got in a second score just before the half. We took the lead in the second half by 4, and then 7 at the end of the game.

The defense started poorly, but got their bearings and even made a much needed pick on a long throw. I’m not too worried about stopping the run game, because next week we have Demarcus Lawrence and Randy Greogory back from suspension. Anthony Brown, a rookie from Purdue, had a good day covering well and breaking up passes. Morris Claiborne made the interception and is playing very well despite many past injuries.

The offense is playing at top level with huge performances from key players. Dak Presscott had 2 touchdowns, and still no picks in 131 throws. He is consistently playing at the same level as first and second round draft picks. Ezekiel Elliot rushed for 136 yards and a touchdown and is showing that he knows the offense well. The line faltered due to the loss of Tyrone Smith, but played a good game. Butler did well in the place of Dez Bryant, catching a key touchdown and drawing away coverage.

Next week is Cincinati at home during the 3:30 slot. It will be a difficult game, but it is winnable.


A New Team

The Cowboys won and I should be happy. For the first time in over a year we won a game at home. It was blowout, 24-3 at halftime and a 31-17 finish. But it was the Bears. Possibly the worst team in the NFC without their starting quarterback.

The secondary held up well, especially compared to last week. Our defensive front played somewhat well given the losses from suspension. Though they did have trouble stopping the run game and getting sacks. They wore down towards the end of the game, but still kept a two score margin, the best in quite a while.

The offense is filled with young talent. Dak Prescott, a fourth round draft pick, has become a talked about quarterback around the league and threw his first passing touchdown. After a scare with a leg injury Dez came back, caught a touchdown, and looks much healthier than he has since 2014. Cole Beasley the 5’8″ slot receiver has become a favorite target of Prescott, and caught his first pass for more than 20 yards. The O line continues to dominate and wear down defenses even last night without Tyone Smith.

Next week we have the 49’ers During the 3:30 slot, which should be an easy win. I’ll post again after the game next week.

Untill then, how bout them Cowboys!

The Ups and Downs of the Cowboys

Before I start thanks to Mrs. Kriese for giving the grounds for this post.

I will never understand why Tony Romo isn’t appreciated as a quarterback. He has kept one of the better passer ratings in the NFL for almost 10 years. I would much rather have him starting than Dak. But his career is coming to an end and it’s time to start giving our next quarterback reps in regular season games.

As for Jerry Jones he is an excellent businessman who worked his way up in the oil industry, improved the worth of the Cowboys by over 4 billion dollars, and built a fabulous new stadium and team facilities. But he is TERRIBLE at actually running a football team. He fired Jimmy Johnson (which my mom is still mad about), neglected to improve a struggling secondary in the last draft, and chose jersey sales over Super Bowls. He has his son lined up as the heir to the Cowboys throne, so we may never escape the grasp of the Jones family.

On a more positive note, they finally finished a close game, beating the Redskins, and next week the Bears come to Dallas on short week Sunday night, which make for what should be an easy win.

Why the Cowboys Couldn’t Win Their Opener

First thoughts are the we lost the game because Terrance Williams wouldn’t get out of bounds on that last play. Yes that very well could’ve secured a win, but I wan’t to go a little deeper.

First off the secondary. I’ not going to blame them much. Under the circumstances they played quite well, and were lots better than the last couple of years. They were also up against Eli Manning an accomplished veteran quarterback, with one of the better receiving corps in the NFL. However the Giants scored more points in less time with deep pass plays.

Next is Dez Bryant. I’m not going to hate on him for dropping one pass that could have saved the game. It is clearly evident that he is no fully healthy. One catch for 8 yards is not what we’re used to seeing, so there was a heavy reliance on Jason Witten, which isn’t bad thing,but nothing can replace the deep threat provided by Dez.

But what really decided this game was the inability to finish drives. We cant’t win games ending 4 great drives with field goals. We have to be able keep running down teams in the red zone and cash in on scoring opportunities.

Until they get better at this I don’t know if we can even keep a 4-12 record.