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M1 Abrams

Photo by me

Last year I finished a Tamiya Abrams model and did decals and paint roughly based on operation Iraqi Freedom. It turned out very well and has become my favorite tank model. It now resides on my desk mostly hidden by piles of half-finished projects and books.

The capabilities of the tank are very impressive. The model I have done is a second generation Abrams with the 120mm gun. Some variation of the tank has been in service for about 30 years, and they first saw combat in the gulf war. The weird looking white things on the front are designed to reflect the laser sights of other American and British tanks to prevent friendly fire incidents.

My next model is probably going to be a Jagpanther kit I got from my uncle.

The First of Many Modeling Posts

Photo by me

Last night I finished a model of the SR-71 Blackbird (if not the coolest plane ever.) I’ve never done a Testors model and was a little disappointed with the quality. Some of the larger parts didn’t fit together so well and not all the decals worked, but it looks pretty nice and only took about 10 hours. It was much larger than I thought (about 2 and a half feet), and would not fit the shelf, so I hung it underneath with fishing wire. I’m still have a nagging fear it will fall, but so far so good.

I really enjoyed learning about this amazing plane so here’s an article from the former (it was retired from service in 1991) manufacturer Lockheed Martin with some back round on the plane.