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Why Why We Should Keep Our Faith In American Democracy

Since the election I have heard much about questioning our constitution, including a writing prompt from the New York Times. But many of these doubts are unfounded, and here’s why.

To start with many have questioned the electoral college after Hillary lost with the popular vote. Why should we hold elections that don’t let the majority decide? Originally elections were done by state to make the votes easier to count. In modern ages when most voting is electronic, they seem useless, but still serve a purpose: to give very state a voice in their opinion. In a popular vote states like Rhode Island, Montana, and South Dakota would be useless. But the electoral college keeps them important. It is made fro every state to make there decision without it being changed by another.

Some have even questioned democracy as a whole for our governing principle. It is true that it is not perfect, but it is the best we can get. Nothing else actually changes and adapts constantly to the view of the American public, or at lest that’s how it should work. It is entirely dependent on public involvement. If democracy does not show the full will of the people, the only explanation can be that the people aren’t voicing their will.

So if you think our democracy is flawed, or if you think it is not there is still only one logical thing to do: vote. If voter turnout continues to dwindle democracy may fail us. If we all fulfill our obligations our nation will last as long as there are people still alive. So keep your faith in our democracy, and do it with your ballot.


Give Trump a Chance

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since the election, and the world still hasn’t gotten over it. So here I am again trying to convince that Trump won’t be, and isn’t, the worst president of all time.

Firstly right now there is a great uproar over the “Muslim Ban”, that wasn’t made because Trump hates muslims, and isn’t really a ban. It was totally constutionally for him to implement, and he didn’t implement it for personal reasons. As we’ve seen the US vetting process hasn’t picked out all the potential terrosists well, and he aims to fix it. So it simply wouldn’t be are to let people in from countries where there are anti-US terrorist organizations while we can’t keep them out. Obama did the same thing in 2011. It’s not like he’s tearing families apart forever it’s only a 90 day pause.

Secondly he doesn’t hate science. The administration has said they want to continue depoliticized, non biased science. We live in age when politics is so deeply rooted in the science community that t is impossible to tell fact from fiction. If you tell scientists to make sure something is totally true, or make sure something is totally false you din’t get accurate data. We can actually settle arguments and enact useful policy.

And most importantly his wall will not destroy the American dream. It isn’t all about hatred of illegal immigrants and trying to tear apart families, it’s about stopping crime. Anyone could still come into the country legally. What it does is force everyone through Border Patrol checkpoints, which you could only assume would drastically reduce the trafficking of narcotics, guns, etc. For years Obama has been using his executive power to stop he law from being enforced. It really isn’t that crazy to enforce immigration law.

So the next time Trump enact an “evil” or “hateful” policy, see past emotion and look at the facts. He may surprise you.

Get it Together America

After Trump won the presidency last week the nation (half of it to be specific) erupted in fury.

We all have a right to voice or opinion and peacefully gather, but it has been taken too far. In Chicago last week a white man, voicing his own opinion was beat by an anti-Trump mob. In portland rioters have caused over 1 million dollars in damage. In New York students want their peers to take down a Trump flag from their own dorm room. If you cannot handle seeing the name Trump, then good luck with him being the president!

No one opinion is the entire country’s. Just because you think he is awful doesn’t mean everyone does. And they don’t! He won the election, and as a country we need to move on.

The Year Of the Underdog

2016 has seen some great surprises, but none more so (in my opinion) than these 3.

  1. The Chicago Cubs. I don’t really follow baseball, but I watched the World Series and was stunned to see Chicago come back from trailing 3-1 games to win. I think it was just because the rain delay, as Cleveland had all the momentum coming into the end of the game.
  2. The Dallas Cowboys. If I told you lat year the Cowboys would be #1 in the NFC, and riding a seven game win streak, you would tell me I was a lunatic. Even my predictions for this season were 7-9. Dak Prescott has taken off as an instant star, smashing rookie records. Ezekiel Elliot is now the league’s leading rushers with 891 yards in 8 games.
  3. And of course Donald Trump the next president of the United States. No one had him winning the election, but he won the battle ground states; North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio. Not only that he broke through the blue wall and took Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to win. Despite taking more heat from the media than any candidate ever, the silent majority came through and won him the race. Given he will pick a supreme court nominee, and has a Republican house and senate, he can do a lot of good for America.
    Or he could run us into the ground. With him, no one really knows.
    But that doesn’t mean he will, and no matter how bad you think he is he wont’t throw you in prison. And protesting doesn’t fix anything. He won the election fair and square. Wether you want him to be or not, he is your president.

    Please comment below.

Enough With This Election!

We are now only 4 days away from 4 years of misery, regardless of who we elect!


At this point in the race almost every one has a strong opinion on their candidate, but both have an eternal list of awful flaws.

Yes I prefer Trump, but I also hate him! All throughout the primary I would’ve preferred any other Republican candaidate. Sure he can manage money, but he has no real plan to face so many different issues. He’s lived his whole life to do whatever he wants to do, unlike everyone else who’s spent their entire life trying to be perfect for an election. So now anything remotely bad he says get plastered everywhere by the media. It gives a bad rep to the Republican party, and the US.

And don’t get me started on Hillary.

There are so many awful thing in the thousands of released emails, and thousands we still don’t know about. People have spent years in jail for similar crimes on a way smaller scale! She has taken millions of dollars from countries that are considered enemies of America. She says anything in private to get money, and anything in public to get elected. Anyone who can’t pass a basic background check should no be the president of the United States. A government with her at the head will only be different from Obama’s because it will be even more corrupt. Though she’s already going to win.

And I know the 6% of you voting third party will get mad if I don’t mention you. I hate to say it, but at this point it’s hopeless. 2 or 4 percent can’t turn into 50 in 4 days. If it makes you happy to vote 3rd party, have at it! But it’s already too late.

What is Freedom?

“Without inequality there is not freedom.”- William F. Buckley.

Today we live in a world filled with hotly contested questions, and media blasting our mixed messages tugging at the viewers brain. We often forget that our country is based on freedom and we must focus on preserving it.

I heard the quote above on a PBS program and was captivated by it. Freedom is conceived to be the opprutinity to do good and make money, power, business. But it also the opprutinity not to. Every pro has a con, and the con of freedom is that not everyone can be happy. Our nation was founded on disagreement, not compromise. Everyone wants to make everyone happy, but we can’t do this without giving away our freedom.

Freedom is not just freedom to choose right, but it is also the freedom to choose wrong.

We could live in a world where we all have the same amount of money, live in the same house, and drive the same car, with no freedom. Or we could settle with the world we have now where everyone make a different amount of money and spends it differently, where not all are perfectly equal.

The choice is ours.

Political Ramblings

Last night I watched the debate and was actually really funny. I find it hilarious that these two are actually in contention to be the most powerful person on the planet.

Cruz and Rubio were my first choices, but I’m starting to warm up for Trump. He has a good plan for reviving  our struggling economy. High regulations and taxes make it impossible to start a business and punish people who’ve made it to the top and created jobs. If we continue to give away money to the lower classes there will be no incentive to work. The reason so many business are leaving is because it’s easier to build something in China than it is for free in America. We need a government that efficiently manages money, and I think Trump brings that to the table.

Hillary claims she can fight ISIS, but she was the reason they even got of the ground. Under her lead troops were drawn from Iraq after it began to stabilize. Then they popped up and starting taking land and she didn’t do anything about. If she really wanted to, she would’ve already. I think we do need to be aggressive and ramp up strikes against them.

As for Trump’s wall I fully support it. Immigration is ruining the Southern cities of our nation. They come in without registration and get free healthcare, free education, and are given money by the government. There are veterans of our military who are forced to wait in line at the ER behind people who shouldn’t be here in the first place.  But they’re left here just because Hillary can count on their vote. What Trump wants to do isn’t outrageous, he just wants to enforce the law.

The only way we can reach a state of unity in the country is to ensure trust in the police and educate everyone well. The government is telling people that the police are corrupt and causing more violence. The mainstream media portrays normal criminal cases as police brutality just because the suspect is African American. There have been real cases of this and the people who made the mistakes were properly punished. Rioting won’t change anything, and can’t change the outcome of court cases.

The debate last night was terribly moderated and hugely towards Hillary. He never brought up real issues, just attacked Trump about meaningless statements in the past.

I’ll try not to post about politics again untill after the elections. Please comment below.