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The Coming Of Summer

This week the weather has been so nice, and it reminded me that summer the best season, was finally on its way. And this post is why it’s so great.

For starters the food. Suddenly in summer you get a burst of shakes, and snow cones, and ice cream. This makes every day better. And the weather is perfect for backyard grilling. Barbecue, steak, pork chops, wings, they’re all back in season. And best of watermelon is ripe, juicy, and plentiful.

Now back to weather. It my be hot and dry, but any day I would rather be hot than cold. Nothing is better than the warm sun on your skin, and the gentle breeze. The great weather also allows for trips to the beach and lake, adding even more fun to the mix.

And most important of all is no school. I think anyone who is in or ever has been to school understands this without much elaboration. It is freedom at last.

So to me the food, weather, and freedom of summer makes it the best season there is.