The first day was mixed

My feelings mixed

My thoughts mixed


I was part scared –

Feeling scared

Thoughts scared


I was part nervous –

Feeling nervous

Thoughts nervous


Although, part excited –

Feeling excited

Thoughts excited


Too many feelings

Too many thoughts

Too many reasons why

My surroundings are noticeable.

There are smells wafting, and exploring their way into my nose.

There are buses sprinting past, to get to their destination.

There are “good lucks”, “goodbyes, and “farewells”.

There are other kids that are chatterboxes with their friends.

I also feel lonely.

Just slightly.

I was in a new place

I was in a new school

And this was only the first day

There was more to come. 



Author’s Note:

This poem first describes what was going on inside my head, while it was all going on. My feelings, emotions and thoughts. I wanted to describe my mixed thinking and attitude. Towards the end, I wrote about things happening around me that I noticed. All the new things.



First Day

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