“No.” That was my first reluctant response and thought. It was a suicide mission. I might as well have been executed. It would be better. Less pain. Quick. Here’s the rundown. I’m a criminal, charged with treason.  A traitor who was sent to “Death Cave” where the Wolf lay. It was a chance to redeem myself. I was a demigod, living the perfect life in Asgard. I made one rash decision, and that caused this madness. When the Gods presented me with the task, it was the only thing keeping me from being executed. It was a fateful decision, having the same ending. My ending. The Wolf, Fenrir’s bonds were loosening. I had to replace them. Exactly. Suicide. I was to be executed anyway. So in the end, I agreed. It was my only hope, however small, at getting my old life back again. I was given a sword, a shield and the Rope. My warship was readied and cast to Fenrir Island, where the Cave was located. Where the Wolf layed. It was a two day journey. The island came into my sight, and an odd sense of adrenaline coursed through me. People say that Grendel was created here. The Snake and Cain had come here. I approached the island and got on the sandy beach. A circle of trees were surrounding a dark, gloomy cave. The Cave. I moved through the forest silently. If Fenrir was asleep, it would make this whole ordeal faster. I stopped before the mouth of the cave. I took a quiet, deep breath, and took the step inside. The Wolf was asleep. I silently gave thanks to the Gods. As I approached Fenrir, his huge body lay. His colossal frame took up the entire cave. I gulped. I was staring directly at his eyes and snout, where the loose rope lay. I was in swallow range. I closed in on him. I gently took off, and replaced the old, with the new Rope. I was about to finish the knot, when the blood red eyes slid open.

Jason and Fenrir

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