Math Essay

Last week in math, we had a writing assignment. We had to research and write an essay on how we think that our future would be like. This is what I wrote:

The world is filled with people. People who live their lives everyday and don’t really think about the future. But if you were to think about the future, you would see that everything changes. I am going to show you how to see into the future by telling you how I imagine my future will be like–starting with college.

Let’s say that I go to Yale for college, and I study to become a Neurologist. I looked further into this and I learned that to go to Yale it costs $66,445 per year which includes the tuition, room & board, books & supplies, and other fees. That comes out to be $265,780 for 4 years of college. That’s pretty expensive compared to most other colleges. I also learned that to actually become a neurologist, I will have to spend 4 years in medical school, 1 year in internship, and 3 years in residency before becoming an actual neurologist. I have decided to take a side job and maybe even a loan out to pay for those 8 extra years of school. If I take out a loan, it shouldn’t be that hard to pay it off because a neurologist’s salary is $204,664 per year which is around $58 per hour. I’d say that my college and my career would definitely impact my financial future, but not in a negative way. I would pay for college with my parents help and my childhood savings, and I think that I’ve got the cost of the 8 extra years of school covered with my high salary.

After college and my extra years of schooling at Yale, I will move back to Austin. In Austin, I will find a nice apartment to rent. I went on an apartment search and I found a really nice apartment that costs $1,803 per month. I am going to have a roommate and we are going to split the cost, so every month, I will be paying $901.50 in rent. During my search in apartments, I was surprised to see the different price ranges in the same area. One apartment would be really cheap and then the one right next to it would be super expensive. And as far as transportation, I have decided to ride the city bus or to borrow a car from my parents if they let me. I will still have to pay for a bus fee if I ride the bus and I will have to pay for gas if I get a car from my parents so I will have to adjust my budget once I figure out my final transportation. But after I’ve settled into my apartment and I’ve saved enough money, I will buy my own car. I would think that my home and transportation wouldn’t impact my future very much because my salary basically covers the payment of the rent and of my transportation. After I did all this research and made these decisions, I felt good knowing that I have some sort of plan for my future.

Through all my future, I will have to buy many things in many places. I will have to find a way to responsibly use my money. There are two main ways to use your money: credit card or debit card. During and after college I will need to have a credit or a debit card. Considering that they both have very different uses, I would probably chose to have both–a credit card for big purchases, and a debit card for small purchases. But if I had to choose one, probably chose a credit card though. With a credit card, I can pay off all my purchases at the end of the month which will give me time to get the money. I can also get cash back and I can build a credit score which will help me in the future. Although credit cards are very useful, they can also have some downsides. For example, if I don’t end up paying the money at the end of each month, I could go into serious credit card debt. I was surprised to learn how much debt that a person could go into. I also felt a little scared knowing that if you don’t pay off your debt, you could go to jail. I’d say that a credit card would only impact my financial future if I use my money irresponsibly and get into debt. But I don’t think that will happen, as long as I remember to spend my money wisely.

In addition to spending my money wisely, I will also have to save my money wisely. As I have said before, an average neurologist’s salary is about $204,664 per year. That is around $58 an hour and $17,055 a month. Every month I will have to pay some bills for things like utilities (plumbing, gas, electricity) and internet, and shopping. I researched how much all of this costs and I learned that all the utilities cost about $244 per month (which I will split with my roommate) and I will probably spend about $100 for shopping per month. When I added all of this up, I ended up spending about $1,123.50 a month including rent. I was surprised to find that with my salary, I will still have $15,931.50 left for savings. That’s still a lot of money and I will still have tons of extra money in case of an emergency. I have decided to save as much money as I can so that I can save up for something’s that I don’t have like a car or a house. Also I might start saving up to have a kid because it costs a lot of money for medical bills.

As you can see, my future is very complicated. But people’s futures are like snowflakes–not one is the same. So knowing that, you can go and imagine what your future might be like without actually knowing what your future will be like. Hopefully I’ve inspired you to explore more than just what’s going on today.

Book Review #4

Hi everyone, for this book review I will be talking about Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper.  This book tells an amazing story and you should definitely read it.

The main character in this book is Melody. Melody has a form of autism, and she can’t walk or talk. Most kids judge her and assume that she isn’t smart just because she has autism, but they don’t know that she has a photographic memory and is smarter than most kids her age. Melody tries as hard as she can to fit in just a little at her school, but it’s hard to interact with people without talking. Even though people start calling her names and teasing her, Melody is still determined to find a way to communicate with her classmates.

This book is written in first person limited pint of view, so the reader can only feel what Melody is feeling and she what Melody is seeing. I love the way this book is written because the reader gets to experience what goes on in Melody’s head, and they get to see all the struggles that she faces along with what she is  thinking. Even though the book is a little sad, the message that it sends out is amazing: its okay to be different. Sharon M. Draper did an outstanding job writing Out of My Mind and you should definitely read it


A loud boom of thunder exploded in the sky as the rain started to patter down on the window.  13 year old Sally Martin jumped back when she heard a second boom of thunder. Sally wasn’t used to this type of weather.  She had lived in one of the driest parts of the country but now she had moved to all this rain.

Suddenly, Sally heard a loud banging at the front door. She immediately  became aware of the fact that she was home alone. Her parents went out to get supplies but they weren’t back yet. Why weren’t they back yet? Sally slowly crept towards the door and peered through the window–It was the police.

Scared and nervous, Sally opened the door, and there stood a single police officer with an unreadable expression  on his face.

“Are you Sally Martin?” he asked.

“Y-y-yes,” Sally replied, trembling. “Is everything okay?”

“I’m afraid not,” the officer answered with a sympathetic look on his face.  He then came and huggged her. “Oh, you poor thing,” he said.

“What’s going on?” Sally asked, starting to get worried.

“Miss Martin, I’m sorry to tell you that your parents are dead.”

“What?” Sally managed to say before everything went black.

Why Spring Break is Great

The exhilaration of biking through the neighborhood, the laughter of children having fun, the wonderful feeling of sleeping in. These are only 3 of the many reasons on why spring break is great.

One reason why spring break is great is because there is no school. You get to sleep in for how long as you want to without having to feel the stress of waking up and going to school early. Many kids stay up all night doing homework and they always dread getting up early in the morning and going to school. For example, once I had a lot of tests the week before spring break. I was getting really stressed out, but as soon as spring break started, the stress slowly started to unravel and I ended up having a great time. Spring break is a great way to relieve stress and just have fun for a week.

Another reason that spring break is great is because of when it occurs. In my opinion, spring is the most beautiful season out of the four. There are flowers everywhere, and the weather is great. Spring is an amazing time to go outside with your friends and just have fun. Even though it’s only a week long, I would always prefer spring break over winter break because you can’t really go outside and do stuff outside because of the cold in winter. But in spring, you can bike, play, or even just sit outside and talk.

Spring break is a great time to bike, play or do any activity outside. There’s no school, which means no stress, and there are many fun things to do. Spring break is a wonderful time to just have fun with family and friends.

Book Review #3

Hi everyone,
For this book review, I will be telling you about my all time favorite books in the whole world: One for the Murphy’s by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.

This book is about a girl named Carley Connors who’s mom had recently been hospitalized. Carley has been put in foster care and now has to move in with a foster family. She moves in with the Murhy’s: a lively family with three boys.  Carley is used to being tough, because she and her mom used to live in Las Vegas. But with the Murphy’s, everything’s all about happiness and expressing your feelings, which is not exactly in Carley’s wheelhouse. She feels out of place and isn’t enjoying this at all.

The book goes on and Carley keeps messing up things with the Murphy’s. She even messes up trying to fit in in her new school.  After a while, Carley finally starts to fit in with the Murphy’s. She helps Mrs. Murphy with chores around the house. She plays with and defends the two little boys from a bully. She even gets close with Mr. Murphy.  But then she gets a call from the adoption agency asking if she wanted to visit her mother.

Carley is very confused on what to do. She hadn’t even thought about her mother since she moved in with the Murphy’s. But now she goes and visits her mother, and slowly starts to piece together the story of what happened to her mom, and how she ended up in the hospital. Read One for the Murphy’s to find out what happens next.

One for the Murphy’s is one of the saddest books I’ve ever read, but it’s also one of the best books I’ve ever read. Linda Mullaly Hunt uses so much detail and brings you into Carley’s world. She wrote the book so that you will feel like you are experiencing everything that Carley experiences. Even if you don’t really like to read, you should definitely read One for the Murphy’s by Linda Mullaly Hunt.

Why I Hate Orthodontist Appointments

Ow…OW! Help! No! OW! Ugh, I hate orthodontist appointments!

The main reason I dislike orthodontist appointments is because they hurt! When I was getting my braces tightened, I couldn’t feel my teeth. The nurse was twisting the tool so hard, and I felt like my teeth were going to fall out of my mouth. Even afterwards, I couldn’t eat anything solid for two days! After so many appointments, you might think that I had gotten used to the pain, But orthodontist appointments still hurt!

Another reason that orthodontist appointments are bad is because they take so long! Not only do they hurt, but I always have to wait so long. When I’m on time for my appointment, or even early, I still have to wait for like half an hour. And when we finally get in the room, they take another 20 minutes to figure out a bunch of stuff. It only takes about 10 minutes to actually do stuff in my mouth. Overall, we spend about an hour there, and even though it’s only an hour, it seems like the whole day!

When it comes to orthodontist appointments, I’m always in a bad mood. I would rather do anything else in the word than go to the orthodontist.

Science Day

Do you remember having science day in elementary school? Do you remember going station to station doing cool activities? Tomorrow I get to go to Bridge Point Elementary and show little kids all sorts of cool things.

My team and I are presenting “Matter Matters” for science day. We have already presented at Forest Trail and Barton Creek, and we will also present to Valley View later in the year. We had lots of fun. For our session, we are doing three activities: elephants toothpaste, oobleck, and dry ice bubbles. I’m doing the elephants toothpaste activity with my friend. We are also showing the kids a Brain Pop and a short presentation because we have to teach them something.

So far science day has been a blast! We get to teach little kids, see our old elementary schools, and we even get to miss school! I’ve really enjoyed presenting at science day so far and I can’t wait to do it again!

Book Review #2

Hi everyone,
This is my second book review, and this time it is going to be on one of my new favorite book series; Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger. Keeper of the lost Cities is a fantasy series, and it has 5 books. The fifth one came out recently and I can’t wait to read it!

The first book starts out with Sophie, the main character, living with her family in San Fransisco. Sophie is just a normal girl who happens to have telepathic abilities; or at least that’s what she thinks. She has always been the outsider at school, being a twelve year old in high school. She’s always wondered why she’s been so different and soon she finds out: she’s an elf.

Sophie goes to live in the elvin world with a new family and new friends. She goes on many adventures, and has many near-death experiences. She finds out that she has more enhanced abilities than anyone else in the elvin world. Rebels are targeting Sophie, and she needs all the help she can get. Find out more by reading Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger

I really enjoyed this series, and I love how the author builds up suspense to the climax. And when you think that nothing else is going to happen, something happens right at the very end, leading you into the next book in the series. This series is really good and you definitely have to read it!

My Trip

During Thanksgiving break, my family and I went to Boston, Massachusetts for my cousin’s sweet 16. We also went to New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

First of all, my cousins party was really fun, and we had a great time. It was so nice to meet all my cousins after like 3 years. The next day, we just relaxed in my cousins’ house, playing games, and opening  her presents. Then we went and toured MIT and Hardvard. It was FREEZING!!!! We were wearing like 20 layers and we were still cold! That’s just how it is in Boston. And also, we also saw SNOW! It was only a little but still, we never get snow in Austin.

The next day, we drove to Pennsylvania and my cousin’s family and my family went to the Hershey’s factory. It was too cold to go on the rides but we made our own Hershey’s bar, and we bought a lot of souvenirs. After that we were just visiting family in New Jersey and New York.

When we got to New York, we went to Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the M&M Factory. I’ve never to New York, so I had a lot of fun. Times Square was really cool cause there were just so many things to see.  We didn’t have time to go up close to the Empire State Building, but we got pictures from far away. The M&M Factory was really cool, they had so many different M&M related things. We even got to customize our own M&M’s.

So that was my Thanksgiving break. We did a lot of sight seeing in a week. Next time we go to the east coast, we are definitely going in the summer. And even though it was really cold, I had a great time.

Moon Poem

In English class we wrote an original poem, and I wrote mine about the moon. Here it is:


She guides us in the night,
With her big, shining light.
Sometimes she is as red as flaming fire,
And you’ll look at her for as long as you desire.

She works all the time,
Yet she is as silent as a mime.
When she’s angry she doesn’t show us her full form,
You’ll have search for her as if you are in a storm.

She is surrounded by a bright ring that glows,
That invites you to stay out on dark nights, even if it snows.
Sometimes she hides behind the clouds,
Like a person lost in a crowd.

And sometimes you won’t see her at all,
She works hard every day of the year,
And even the moon deserves a little time off,
Don’t you think?


I wrote this poem because I love how the moon looks in the night and I wanted to show that feeling through words. I used figurative language and punctuation to show the different phases and forms of the moon.

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