Johnny Stories Part 1:The Wagon

Why hello there!

I didn’t even see you there!

Except I did, I am The Watcher.

And I can see anything and everything.

As of right now I’m watching Johnny, running as fast as he can from the chasers. It doesn’t work of course, but he gave a good effort. He gets thrown in the back of a wagon, and immediately blacks out from exhaustion.

“We’ll get there in 2 hours” a gruff voice says startling Johnny from his sleep. Now that he is fully awake, he ponders his life as it is now, and recalls how it was before. You see, Johnny came from a greedy family and he was born with a disease called Fling. Now Fling was a rare ability, and it allowed to to “fling” yourself at a target if you focus on it. Then May Coldwater came. May was a CEO of an electric company that created electricity off of kinetic energy. They had discovered a man in their company who had fling. He was captured the day after they found this out. Rumor has it that he was worked using fling until he didn’t have enough energy to do more than 1 more fling. And in a true melodramatic matter, he flung himself into a wall and broke his neck. Then not two days after that, May started hunting for Flingers. May offered millions of dollars for Flingers. And Johnny was scheduled to be one of the first to go. So on the day of his departure, Johnny walks to the window, and flings himself out planning to escape, But suddenly he had discovered he could fly by repeatedly flinging himself over and over. It exhausts him though. His family had reported him missing that night, and gave the chasers a hair sample to track him down. And then that’s how they followed him to the city.

(There will be more parts

One thought on “Johnny Stories Part 1:The Wagon

  1. I really liked how you made the story intresting for more people to be interested on reading. I’m just wondering where you got the idea to write about this? I really interested and am exited to read the rest of the story.


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