About Me.

Hello Reader,

I see you have come to my page. I think that my page will turn out all right in all honesty, I highly doubt it will be the best though. I am a seventh grader at WRMS. I’m writing this post so that you can get a feel for my writing style and personality, I have been using computers since I was 4, since my dad is also a computer fanatic. I have tried to write long stories before, and I usually dislike having to do that. I have been told in the past I’m not as bad of a writer as I think I am, but I do say the odd thing every once in a while. I have had multiple school blogs in the past, and never quite enjoyed it. I love to read and not quite as fond about writing. I like to read adventure books mostly, with the occasional mystery novel stuck in at random intervals. I like to not have homework and I also dislike forced reading. I really like to work with Photoshop. And most things computer related.

Your’s truly,

Ryan, the seventh grader who wrote a paragraph.

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