Lenny Chronicles Journal Entry #2

I finally found out where we are going, and I hoped to never go there. We are going to the temple of the Bacon Monkey.

The temple of the Bacon Monkey was a myth in my village for a long time, it was said that in exactly 420 BC a monkey came wandering into a temple and got granted bacon powers. People worshipped this monkey and made a cult based around the bacon monkey. I REALLY didn’t want to go to go there. So of course I questioned, “Lenny, where are we going?” And he answered ” To find the bacon monkey and make him give us bacon ramen.” Wow, I was a really weird kid growing up I guess, I mean I had to be to imagine someone like Lenny. We walked for hours and hours until we came to a wall, and Lenny told me to climb. So we climbed. I lost me foothold shortly after and we plummeted. We landed on the ninjee temple, oh no! I saw 4 ninjee son rush at my and I fainted

Just woke up, will write more tomorrow,
This is Ryan, the meme master signing off.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You see, when I was just an it’s bitty baby, Ninjees attacked my home. At first I was like “Goo Gah” and immediately drop kicked one with my baby feet, but they overwhelmed me. You see I could have handled regular ninjas, but Ninjees are infinitely more powerful. So as one was about to smell my garlic covered baby feet, Ramen-San jumped in, and used his anime powers to kick a guy into a wall, and then he fainted Kawaii-style. I screamed “NoOoOoOooOooooOooOo” and just like that, they disappeared. As I was about to die from the tickling they gave me, I saw Lord Xenu, and dropped into a bow. Lord Xenu granted mercy on my soul,mind gave me the powers of Lenny, and from that day forward I only turned people into ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’s

Ryan, Reddit Master

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